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History Of Security Essay

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The Beginning
When security first started it was the job of every person to watch there own property and belongings. (Kelly, 2005) If there was a grievence it was handled by the individual or a small group of people. It was not until 2100 b.c. that things were codified by Hammurabi, also known as the King of Babylon. (King, n.a.) Hammurabis Code includes the Code of Ur-Nammu, Laws od Eshnunna and Lipit-Ishtar Isin, than later codes were added including Hittite laws, Assyrian laws, and Mosaic Law. The code of Hammurabi states that the king was unable to change fundamental laws concerning the governing of a country. (King, n.a.) These laws did not cover areas of law and commerce. Some say it was made to self-glorify Hammurabi by immortalizing his justice and wisdom. Items listed in this code are still used today such as interest rates, fines for wrongdoing dealing with money, inheritance and law concerning how private property is to be taxed or divided. (King, n.a.) It also listed how crimes should be punished. Egypt created the first judiciary system in 1500 b.c. and Amenhotep in 1400 b.c. development patrols on the marina. (Kelly, 2005)
England Influence
Modern policing was started back in Anglo-Saxton times in England. This started off as the King making demands for complete and total obedience and order from the kingdom, knights, and anyone else within the ruling kingdom. If these demands were met then the king would provide protection from invasions, which were very common, and any uprising from other people within the kingdom. The first king that started this policing was King Alfred the Great, it was a type on internal policing. (Nickerson, 1996) The way that this policing was conducted was by landowners. It was the landowner’s job to bring criminal to justice. They would take the criminal to the King or they themselves would settle the problem if it could be done. These landowner’s were called thanes, which means servant. The people that were under the thanes rule were called freeman, these people were the first type of neighborhood watch groups. They would met and discuss issues, because they had concerns for the thane becoming too controlling. The freeman we set up to watch each other properties and to make sure that the offender was brought to the thane and not just released by the family, or freeman. Over time the word spread of the freeman group, which was a group of 100, they met once a year to set up and organize the court through one elected person who was called the reeve. Through all of this is where the notion of ‘grassroots’ justice came about. (Nickerson, 1996) It would take nearly seven hundred years for another change to come to policing.
A Need For Change
The policing started in Anglo-Saxton times was a really good method of controlling and ruling. You had one person controlling the mass, than you have smaller groups taking charge of areas with individuals also taking charge in the need of the mass. The only reason...

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