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History Of Rock And Roll Essay

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History of Rock and Roll

Loud, soothing, meaningful, and deep, rock music has many characteristics. These characteristics are ones that rock music fans appreciate. But, many people have different preferences of music, such as pop, rap, country, and other genres. Although there are several types of music, most modern music comes back to the foundation of rock and roll. Many artists have been influenced by the heart-wrenching power of rock music. Most people that enjoy rock music do not know how rock started. It is a genre that has evolved over the years.
Rock and roll was built on the foundation of jazz, blues, country, and folk music. The Les Paul electric guitar was also a big contributor in music not just rock. One of the main reasons that rock became so popular was the British Invasion. Groups like The Beatles, The Rolling Stones, and Pink Floyd were all a part of the growth of rock’s development.
Jazz was a big part of the music in the 40’s and the 50’s. They used many of the instruments that eventually were used in rock music. Guitars, drums, keyboards, and singing all led to people starting to play rock and roll music. Artists that became rock gods like Jimi Hendrix were influenced by soulful music played by earlier jazz groups. Blues was also one of the main genres that helped start rock.
The blues, like jazz, used many of the same instruments that developed into the main formula in making the sound of rock music. The thing that got most rock artists interested in making music was the meaning behind the songs. Rock music in the 60’s and the 70’s had a lot of deep meaning to them. Blues songs talked about heartbreak and sorrow. People could relate to these feelings, which made blues a type of music that people wanted to listen to. These relating situations definitely inspired many rock artists to step out of the normal stuff and be creative, thus helping create rock and roll.
Folk and country music were also key contributors in the foundation of rock and roll. Their music brought a southern and country-boy feeling to their songs. Inspiring rock artists used these ideas to interest their listeners. The main artist to capitalize on combining country with blues and jazz was the king of rock and roll, better known as Elvis Presley. He had the country twang along with the bluesy deep message and jazz type feel, which started the music we all know today as rock and roll.
The main innovation in rock was the electric guitar. It brought a loud and free-spirited feeling that came with rocking out. It loosened up the music which brought many different styles and genres within rock. It broadened the horizons to rock and roll letting people express themselves through their music. This rock craze spilled overseas into Britain where many great artists were born. The British Invasion happened in the mid 1960’s when bands moved from the United Kingdom to perform in America. The two main bands coming out of this time...

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