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Softball and baseball have some things in common, but they are also different. The history of softball goes back to 1887. Softball is a really interesting sport and also fun to play.
The game of softball was first played in 1887 on Thanksgiving Day (Gitlin 20). More than 5 million people played softball by 1940 (Dagenais). The Netherlands was introduced to softball after World War II, by a Canadian soldier (Dagenais). Fast-pitch softball became a sport in the 1970s (Gitllin 29).
Softball is a game of speed and defense (Gareth). In 1908 the game of softball was moved outdoors, but before then, it was played indoors (Keith 235). If a runner was on first, second, and third base, the pitcher ...view middle of the document...

Mainly the name of the game was determined where it was played (Dagenais). Instead of having nine players today, back then there were 10 players on the field at a time, the 10th player being the short-fielder which was a position in the outfield behind the shortstop (Keith). The name was still baseball for the boys, but in 1926 the girls had their own separate sport, called softball (Dagenais). The sport used to be called indoor baseball. It was played indoors unlike today where it is played outside (Keith). Around 1933, newspaper reporter Leo Fischer from Chicago and sporting goods sales man Michael Pauley made softball become a popular sport in America (Dagenais).
George Hancock was the inventor of the sport of softball and some primitive equipment used in the sport. To make the two main pieces of equipment, he tied a boxing glove up to use as the ball, and he turned a broomstick handle into bat (Keith 234). Hancock also drafted the primary rules of the game and some improvements to the equipment, such as a rubber tip to the bat, which made it better for indoor play (Gitlin 21). In softball, since the ball was soft, the girls didn’t use gloves to field the ball, while baseball players used gloves to field the ball (Keith 236). In 1938, a rule was adopted which stated that the pitcher had to wear a dark colored uniform, so the batter could see the ball better at night (Gitlin 30). One of the differences is that the softball field was smaller than the baseball field, and that the softball was larger than the baseball (Keith 236). The first softball was originally sixteen inches in circumference (Dagenais). Lewis Rober Sr. however used a twelve inch size ball. That’s the size of the ball that everyone back then used (Gareth). Today they use a ten to twelve inch ball. The schools will usually provide some of the equipment for the team...

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