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History Of South Korea Politics Essay

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When Japan defeated in World War II, he delivered his authority in many countries in Asia and one of them is South Korea. This leads to the two Koreas known with the term Korean Peninsula in parallel 38 with the establishment of Republic of Korea in August 15, 1945 that was led by president Syngman Rhee, and Democratic People's Republic of Korea was formed on the date September 9, 1945 under the Kim Il Sung.

US and the USSR chose then involved in the Cold War, where they were trying to ideology and contribute to spread their authority in various world areas. A Proxy-war to Cold War trademarks and then there is in both countries. US put its authority in Republic of Korea or South Korea, ...view middle of the document...

But only two big parties that dominate the election results from the ruling party has Saenuri and Democratic United Party.

South Korean politics alone could not be separated from his relationship with North Korea. Korean War ended by a cease-fire in 1953 until this time there's a peace accord. Thus, technically both Koreas are still in a fight. In connection with this condition, both Koreas continue to improve their military power of weapons and combat personnel. Korea's Second to apply to the military for all citizens, but in South Korea was only for citizens of the man who age of 20 years.

Military Aggression North Korea in South Korea in June 25, 1950 was beginning from Korean war. Aggression is this, who eats 3 days and North Korea to seize Seoul and urged the troops South Korea retreat to the South country. United States then requested UN Security Council to intervene the war with the fear will spread ideology North Korea to South Korea.
Under General UN Douglas MacArthur, Security Forces entered the war of the September 15, 1950 successfully striked back and North Korea until well into the region North Korea. Then he was also China into the battle to send troops to help North Korea to cease fire agreement was signed by North Korea and the South in July 27, 1953. Help US in the War was to make the connection US and South Korea in developing Mutual Defense Treaty in the year 1953, explained that US will help South Korea in the face all foreign aggression.

For more than 2 decade, North Korea and South views is not related to reunification and reconciliation started at the end of 1971. South Korean President Kim Dae-Jung at the end of 2007 has issued a policy Sunshine Policy in order to improve ties with North Korea, which brought Dae-Jung to one of the Nobel peace prize. Relations between the two countries had a chance to get better because economic relations, but again worsened after North Korea attack Yeonpyeong island in 2010 and shot dead 2 tourists from South Korea in the project with North Korea and South, Kaesong Industrial Complex.

Establish economy is a work of reconciliation North Korea and South that had the opportunity to...

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