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History Of St. Louis Essay

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Plato one said “This City is what it is because our citizens are what they are”, to imply that the people within the city or country are the ones that dictate what goes on in the city not the city itself. St. Louis falls into this category because cities were once the focal point of the national agenda and presidents sought to increase the importance and services of the city. This was done in St. Louis with programs being created, unions and the attention that the World’s Fair brought to make St. Louis one of the best cities in the early 20th century. However, as suburbanization was happening the focus of the nation was to the growing middle class and suburbs. St. Louis was afurcted by ...view middle of the document...

Also the governor appoints people to some jobs such as the cities police department. Within St. Louis it has city departments, agencies, elected officials, boards and commissions (The City of St. Louis Missouri). The mayor, comptroller, and president of the Board of Aldermen all serve on the Board of Estimate and Apportionment. This board is able to approve all city budgets, this can be seen as the Senate compared to the national government (Stokes 2011). However as continued in the 20th century St. Louis still has wards and alderman just like machines had. Also St. Louis has rejected a change from a weak mayor system to a strong mayor system that is more of a mayor-council form or government. This displays that St. Louis is continuing just as they did in the 20th century of having a strong council that most city officials go to the council and not the mayor when new laws or regulations need to be implemented, this creates a council-mayor type of government that makes the council more powerful and influential than the mayor. For some cities that can be a problem but it can also bring more representation of the people, because the council is closer to the community than the mayor.
St. Louis has some rich history on major factor that leads into St. Louis’ demographics is the competition that St. Louis had against Chicago. However, as time went on St. Louis eventually had the losing end of the battle. This meant that St. Louis suffered in trade and thus suffered in income compared to Chicago. St. Louis has also been suffering the past ten years to keep their population, the change in population from 2000 to 2012 is -8.6% their total population in 2012 was 318, 172 (City Data). This can display that St. Louis is growing in crime so people are moving out of the city to more rule areas. Within St. Louis the median income for a family is $32,570, this is low compared to Missouri’s median income, which is $45,247 (City Data). St. Louis also has 27% of their population below the poverty line (2010 Census). This can imply also that St. Louis is being affected by crime because of poverty, and families unable to have a high income. St. Louis is also seen as a 3rd tier city, their contribution to the nation is not global anymore or dealing with someinternaitonal trade they are solely a hub for regional corporate networks (City Politics 2012). Lastly, there are about 44.5% of St. Louis that is white and 48.9% that are black or African American (2010 Census). As displayed by these statistics St. Louis has not been able to hold their force as one of the top cities in the U.S.
St. Louis during the 1900-1950 was a divided community by race and class. One aspect that took race and class to their benefit was machine politics. However, St. Louis was not one of the major machine cities because St. Louis is located in the Mid-west not on the eastern sea border. This caused for machine politics to arrive late in St. Louis and very under the radar. Not only that...

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