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I: History of Sweden
Sweden is a country that is known for its neutrality and how they have ran their economy into one of the world's best. The past ten years of Sweden's history has been one that has risen and fallen throughout their economy. Their economy had a major setback about twenty years ago but they went above that and allowed themselves room to grow and get better. The current economic system that Sweden uses is that it tries to make a balance budget so that they do not go back to where they were before and how they were high in debt (Sutherland). The economic system that they use is one where they focus on reform so that they can make things better for themselves and not worse ...view middle of the document...

b: Financial Economic Condition
The Financial Economic condition of Sweden is very good right now because Anders Borg, The Minister of Finance, said that they are climbing from the economic recovery that happened in 2013 and they expect for that to continue into 2014 and 2015. They believe that there is going to be a high growth rate worldwide and that is why they think that their numbers are going to keep going up. Also, they believe that their GDP is going to go up too because of the information that they have gathered (Borg).
c: Political System
The type of political system that Sweden uses is very close to the one that we use in America. They have a constitution that they use to make sure that all of their rights are kept and to make sure that their Government (Parliament) is going to follow the rules that have been set up for them (Sweden.se). Sweden has a Riksdag that makes most of the decisions for the country(Sweden.se). This is like the Senate for America or the House of Representatives. The purpose of this group is so that they can make the decisions that they think are right for the people and then the government is the one that puts the laws in to motion(Sweden.se). The Riksdag is something that this country needs because it shows the people that their government is there for them and not just trying to take over them. The type of political system that Sweden uses allows them to make sure that their government is doing the right thing by the people and makes sure that the government is not taking over power and follows what the Riksdag says to do (Sweden.se). The most recent changes that have happened in the political system is that Sweden joined the EU in 1995 and since then the EU has had a very big impact on what happens in Sweden (Sweden.se). A big thing that happened in Sweden was that in 2010 they had their election and one of their parties beat out another but did not gain the majority. This was important because for years this was something that had not happened and because this happened it showed that the politics in Sweden were changing and also they way that people voted (Sweden.se).
II: Main Exports to other Countries
Sweden produces a lot of items to export to other countries but the item that Sweden exports the most would have to be engineering products at 54%. The items in this category include electronic equipment, machinery, and automobile. These items are the most important in this category because of the growth that they see from these items (Swedenabroad.com). A close second would have to be electronics and this includes communications and computer related products and this export accounts for about 20% of their exports (Swedenabroad.com). These items are what make up a lot of the items that they export but that also export a lot of agriculture products but this has declined recently (Sedenabroad.com). The forest products that include iron ore have fallen to about only 15% of the merchandise exports that...

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