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History Of Syphilis And Its Origin

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Syphilis is a sexually transmitted disease caused by spiral-shaped bacterium, Treponema pallidum.(PBS.Org). The sexually transmitted form of syphilis is caused by a corkscrew-shaped bacterium called Treponema pallidum, which is one of a closely-related group of bacteria called the treponomes. Other treponomes are responsible for the three non-venereal forms of syphilis, which primarily affect the skin and are most common in early childhood. Venereal syphilis probably mutated out of one of those other forms most likely, researchers say, from the bacterium that causes yaws (PBS,Secrete of the dead). When that happened, however, is the big mystery.
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As result of this, Racism and Discrimination became about. And thus, the theory of colombus's shipmates contracting Syphilis from the native Americans, privailed and became popular because much of the society gave in to the notion of race superiority against another.
However, in recent years, Pre-Columbian skeletons such as those unearthed at the Hull friary in England have been found with distinctive signs of syphilis. And thus the question still remains, did Columbus and his crew bring syphilis from the New World to the Old World in 1493, as suggested by the timing of the first reported epidemic in Europe just years after their return? Or did syphilis originate in the Old World, simply going unrecognized until the early fifteenth century. There is considerable controversy regarding the origin of syphilis. However, there are three main theories. These are the Columbian theory, the Pre-Columbian theory and the Evolutionary theory. The Columbian theory which is belived by the majority, implies that the disease had originated in the new world. The pre-Columbian theroy, belived that syphilis was already in Europe and that it did not orginate from the new world. And finally, the Evolutionary theory, the least well known of the three main theories, postulates that the different members of the genus Treponema evolved from a single organism responding to changes in the environment (PBS,Secret of the dead).
As mentioned before, up until recently majority of scietist belived in the Colombian theory. That is until, a small group of...

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