History Of The Australian Defence Force And The Defence Force Academy

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The legal age for enlistment in the Australian Defence Force is 17 years of age, with parental consent (“Australia”, CIA.gov). In 2011, the ADF consisted of over 80,000 full-time and part-time personnel, according to the Australian Bureau of Statistics. Women have served in the Australian military since the Second World War; at the time, each branch established a separate, all female sector (Dennis, 605). The Royal Australian Air Force was the first branch to fully integrate women in 1977. By 1985, the Australian Army and the Royal Australian Navy had both achieved full integration (Horner, 321). Initially, women were not allowed to serve in combat positions; these restrictions were removed ...view middle of the document...

After World War I and continuing up until 1972, Australia’s military was maintained largely through conscription. Since the abolishment of the practice, the ADF has been an all-volunteer force, with the largest number of personnel being a part of the Australian Army. Training for the ADF is generally done by each service’s own training institution (Horner, 281). These training institutions include HMAS Cerberus for the Royal Australian Navy; the Army Recruit Training Centre for the Army; and RAAF Base Wagga for the Royal Australian Air Force. Wherever possible, however, training is done through tri-service institution. The Australian Defence Force Academy is one such institution, located at the University of New South Wales Canberra. The University of New South Wales has a long history of association with the Australian Defence Force, establishing several higher education programs geared toward members of the Australian armed forces. In 1974 the Australian government decided to establish a tertiary institution for the ADF (“History of UNSW Canberra”). The Australian Defence Force Academy was opened in 1986 on the UNSW Canberra campus to provide higher education for junior officers of the ADF in a military environment (Stevenson, 1996). These junior officers include Midshipmen (MIDN) for the Royal Australian Navy, Officer Cadet (OCDT) for the Australian Army, and Officer Cadets (OFFCDT) for the Royal Australian Air Force. The Academy only provides the military training to the junior officers involved; the university education is provided by UNSW (MacFarling, 1995). The training was originally designed with the specific goals of providing cadets with knowledge of the requirements and responsibilities of a junior officer, an appreciation of an officer’s branch and awareness of the abilities of the three branches, and awareness of general issues of defense (Stevenson, 1996). The intent was to allow the military staff to...

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