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Did you know that the early automobiles used levers not steering wheels? The first automobile was made in 1769 for the French army. Though, people believe that the first true automobile was made by Karl Friedrich Benz in 1885.This automobile was powered by gasoline and hade three wheels not four. The first carriage-sized automobile suitable for use on existing wagon roads in the United States was a steam powered vehicle invented in 1871, by Dr. J.W. Carhart. It induced the State of Wisconsin in 1875, to offer a $10,000 award to the first to produce a practical substitute for the use of horses and other animals. Over the years automobiles have become more and more complexed, but over the years it still is being used and it still has a big impact on our lives.
The automobile does not specifically have one inventor that lead the automobile to what it is today. It is estimated to have over a 100,000 patents that created the automobile that we know ...view middle of the document...

Between 1832 and 1839, Robert Anderson of Scotland invented the first electric carriage. Unfortunately both steam and electric cars were slow and expensive and soon replaced by gas powered ones. Gas powered cars were invented by Karl Friedrich Benz in 1885.
Transportation (source is 2.04 Automobiles)
As a result of the invention of the automobile we have been able to use easy transportation. The automobile today helps people go places easier and faster than before. It makes things like food delivery faster making the food fresher when it arrives at markets. The automobile has also made transportation for police, firefighters, and medics easier. With the automobile being how it is today it is able to hold many things making automobiles specifically for different jobs. Ambulances for medics to get to people the hospital without dying, police have their own vehicles as well to catch and bring criminals to jail, and firefighters have fire trucks that have special supplies to put out fires. Farmers use them to transport the year’s harvest as well.
Mixed Blessings
There's so much pollution in the air now that if it weren't for our lungs there'd be no place to put it all.
Aside from the positive things there are some negative effects of the invention of the automobile as well. All the automobiles cause major traffic jams, mainly in big cities. Not only that, but accidents happen regularly causing serious injuries and even deaths. Though it people have tried to resolve this conflict it can’t go away completely. Other effects of the automobile would be pollution. Because of the amount of automobiles pollution that it causes has gotten worse. So the invention does cause negative effects as well as positive. Robert Orben-

In conclusion, the automobile has had a major impact in our lives. The automobile has had some negative effects on people that have used it, but also some amazingly positive effects as well. It has helped us transport people to food, and travel from one place to another with ease. It has also caused terrible accidents and pollution. It has truly impacted our lives in various ways.

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