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History Of The United States Of America

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The United States of America is today renowned as the world superpower. She is the home of many business moguls apart from being the paragon of democracy. However, America’s rise was not a easy thing to come by. As history has it, she went through a period of struggles and hardships before she became a sovereign state which could conduct its business at its own bidding. This paper spans the history of America between 1650 and 1850. This period was marked by United States of America’s worst and best of times.
The American Indians, sometimes referred to as the Red Indians, were the indigenous inhabitants of the present United States of America. The term Red Indians comes from their culture of painting their faces red when they were going for war. The Indians were a peaceful people, who cherished their family ties. They were also very prayerful and creative. Their life was led in solitude, like they belonged in their own world. Nature was foremost in their priority since they revered it and saw it as a gift from their gods.
In the period between 1539 and 1542, the Spaniards attacked the Indians. There were about 600 Spaniards led by Hernando de Soto. They went about the south eastern part of what is known today as the United States of America, killing, raping and making slaves of the Indians. There were a lot of retaliatory attacks from the Indians who were always suspicious of the Spaniards’ visits. Even the most friendly of visits was viewed with a high level of suspicion and the Indians were always prepared for war. This is per the diary of Hernando de Soto’s secretary’s diary which such an account. The Indians fought so hard and the passion with which they defended their land was evident even with the women and boys as young as four. The result of the battle was devastating to the Spaniards who were then viewed as the Christians. Twenty two of their men died and scores others sustained arrow wounds which were fatal. Not spared in the conflict were their horses which either died or were injured such that they were no longer useful in combat. Some Indians even resorted to hanging themselves instead of falling into the hands of the Spaniards.
The coming of the Europeans brought with it a lot of upheavals in the calm Indians’ way of life. The discovery of America opened the Pandora’s Box which led to the invasion of America. This invasion paved way for the forced relocation of the America Indians. The American Indians were a people who were so passionate about their culture and way of life. Therefore, they did not take the European’s actions kindly. Wars were fought and blood was shed in a bid to defend their heritage. Most of them died in these battles as they were attacked with all manner of weapons, even biological. Small pox, measles and other virus were released among them and this increased their death them toll. A number of them eventually sided with the Europeans but others chose to relocate to the West of the country. This was especially...


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