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History Of Turkish Occupation Of Northern Kurdistan.

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Poli. Sci. (Third World Politics)11/27/96History of Turkish Occupation of Northern Kurdistan.Since 1984, and especially the last few months, the domestic problems of amajor N.A.T.O, Middle Eastern, and American ally state have come to theforefront of the international news scene. That state is the Republic of Turkeyand it's primary troubles stem from the past seven decades of acrimoniouspolicies directed at the indigenous ethnic Kurds. The main problem, now, is theKurdish popular insurgency on it's hands, in Turkish occupied NorthernKurdistan. The Kurdish question has long been covered up and denied by thestate of Turkey, but recent events has forced Turkey to concede that it has aserious Kurdish insurgency on its hands. Turkey's inability to deal with thissituation is the result of the past seventy years of cultural, political, andhuman rights abuses directed against the Kurdish population. In fact, this'separatism' is so out of hand that the Turkish government has incessantlyappealed to it's allies and advisories alike to help counter the escalatingKurdish asperation to succeed from the Turkish republic. Turkey's sputteringand deteriorating economy is directly related to the long Kurdish struggle forindependence. Turkey has spent over eight billion dollars or twenty percent ofher GDP to combat the ever deteriorating predicament in northern Kurdistan, andshould spend more in the future(Laber). Because of the violence, the onceprosperous tourist business of Turkey, has now lost about $1.5 billion dollarsannually since 1990. Many people now talk openly of another possible militarycoup, there were three major military coups during the last thirty years(Alister) These circumstances in the state of Turkey have also hurt herchances of ever joining the ever wealthy European Union and battering itsailing economic situation. The depth of Turkey's domestic and ethnic dilemma isone of the many that have arisen after the end of the cold war, yet the coldwar is a simple answer to a much more complex one. The factors that have arisento contribute to this civil war were created far before Capitalism versusCommunism, East versus West, or U.S versus the Soviet Union. In order to reallycomprehend the holistic situation in Turkey one must first be familiar withthe complete history of the Turks and Kurds.The Kurds of Turkey constitutes, by far, the largest ethnic minority group inTurkey. The estimate of their population, however, are very dubious because ofthe past Turkish policy to deny the very existence of any minorities within theborders of her state. In fact, past Turkish rhetoric has been that there is noofficial Kurdish problem in Turkey, because officially no Kurds exist. We canascertain that the kurds make up between twenty-five and thirty-three percentof the Turkey's population. This would put the Kurdish population about twelveto twenty million (Morris). Because of past and present forced Turkishassimilation practices, the Kurds live in all parts of the...

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