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Universal Serial Bus (USB) is the system used for connecting peripheral devices to personal computers by means of standard connections and communication systems. It was developed during January 1996 by a cluster of companies such as the Intel, Compaq, Microsoft, Digital IBM, and Northern Telecom. These companies also formed the USB Implementation Forum Inc. (USB-IF) which is a nonprofit organization publishing the specifications of the technology and giving them support for further development and adoption of the USB technology. It is developed to replace the different kinds of parallel and serial ports on a computer by providing an additional peripheral device which is quick and easy to ...view middle of the document...

That was the reason why developers had to think of a new way to store data, and then the USB flash drive was launched which solved that problem.

There are special USB peripherals which are known as USB hubs. USB hubs provide additional ports allowing the users to add or connect multiple devices together to a USB controller. It is possible to connect another USB hub into the first hub which will increase the number of ports able to be connected. But currently personal computers and laptops are provided with USB ports which are being used to connect input devices such as pointing devices, scanners, audio and video devices, and digital cameras; but a user can still add a USB hub to add more ports to connect other devices he wants to.
A historical event that occurred around the time of USB’s creation was the Y2K bug.
The Y2K glitch was a fear that when the year 2000 hit, computing systems were not coded properly to recognize the date switch without malfunctioning and all the systems would fail. People thought that this would cause mass panic due to airplanes falling out of the sky, hospitals records not appearing, police databases wiped etc… fortunately when the...

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