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Web Design is a field that has been around for only thirty years, but has evolved drastically throughout that time. HTML has changed much, and new scripting languages such as CSS and JavaScript to name two, have arisen to help tackle the challenge that web development can be. From basic text pages to fully interactive sites, the world of web development has made significant leaps consistently throughout its short lifetime.
In the 1960’s a concept for HTML was created by Ted Nelson, a Harvard graduate. His work was never used until the 1980’s, when the internet was introduced because of a lack of need for it. At the time, HTML was the only option for web development, and there was not much freedom when it came to design. Sites were basic, consisting of simple tables, text and links, with little to no graphics. Then the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) was created to stop large businesses from controlling web design code. The W3C is responsible for setting the guidelines, techniques, and rules for web development. This was created so that the sites created would all work with browsers consistently and without errors.
In the early nineties more developers started contributing to the evolution of HTML, causing the creation of new tags and techniques. Because people became confused about what tags did what, they named the improved language HTML 2. A few short years later, people had continued to add even more, resulting in HTML 3. Designers now had the ability to use style sheets. HTML 3 was revolutionary, as it finally opened up the doors to real website customization. Designers now had the ability to use animated images, and colorful backgrounds. Then Flash was introduced as well, which changed the entire scene of web design. No longer was everything static and dull; things were moving and colorful, and the web became a much more appealing place.
Now we have HTML 5, which fixed most syntax errors in both HTML 4 and XHTML 1.1. HTML 5 is made to create a language for both HTML and XHTML. It added many new things, such as syntax features like the integration of Scalable Vector Graphic (SVG) content, as well as video and audio abilities. No longer are plugins a necessity to add multimedia content.
Another large part of today’s web design scene is mobile web development. With so many people owning phones and other mobile devices, mobile development has become a necessity in a world of technology that is becoming increasingly smaller and more portable. Statistics show that over twenty percent of Google searches are done on a mobile device, and that twenty-five percent of internet users access the internet exclusively from their mobile devices. The need for mobile web development is growing fast. Mobile web design focuses on simplification. It is designed to be simpler on a smaller screen, making navigation easier. A drawback is that using Flash is not possible currently, which was a game changer in early web design.
The future of web design is not clear....

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