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History Of Windows Essay

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Microsoft was co-founded by Paul Allen and Bill Gates in 1975. Microsoft had a huge vision of putting a computer on every desk top and in every home. In June 1980 IBM approached Microsoft about a project called “CHESS”. They came up with a new operating system called MS-DOS this introduced a whole new language to the general public, since the system brought difficulty to people to read they set out to find a better way to make an operating system.
In 1982-1983 Microsoft becomes the first to work on the new operating system the code name is interface manager, but they then decide in 1983 on the name windows because it describes and fits the description of a computer screen. It was said that skeptics called it vaporware. It took two years to develop windows after it was thought up. In November of 1985 Microsoft ships out Windows 1.0, with this software you were able to navigate around by using a mouse. This software was made for serious PC users. In December of 1987 Windows 2.0 was released with desktop icons and expanded memory. The Intel 286 processor was what windows 2.0 was created for and when Intel 386 processor was created the windows 386 was released.
In 1988 Microsoft becomes the largest software company based on sales. In 1990 windows 3.0 was released and in 1992 windows 3.1 was released. At this time Windows software was installed with floppy discs. With windows 3.0 you were able to use program file and program manager, you were also able to play games. Windows software development kit (SDK), which helps software developers focus more on writing programs and less on writing device drivers was very much helpful with the popularity of windows 3.0.
Windows NT was made in July 1993. This is an important milestone in Microsoft to build an advanced new operating system from scratch. Windows NT 3.1 is a 32-bit operating system, which makes it a strategic business platform that supports high-end engineering and scientific programs. In august 1995 Windows 95 was created. With Windows 95 you were able to use fax/modems, email, the new online world, and dazzling multimedia games and...

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