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History Of The Ritz Carlton Essay

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History of The Ritz-Carlton
In 1898, Cesar Ritz left his life as a shepherd in Switzerland and moved to Paris (Sucher & McManus, 2001). He worked in some of the finest hotels and restaurants in the city before opening up his own hotel (Sucher & McManus, 2001). A year later he opened the Carlton Hotel in London, which eventually became The Ritz-Carlton Hotel Company (Sucher & McManus, 2001).
Keeping with Mr. Ritz’s vision of excellent personalized service the Ritz-Carlton expanded to North America (Sucher & McManus, 2001). The only hotel to survive the Great Depression and two world wars was the Ritz-Carlton in Boston (Sucher & McManus, 2001). In 1983, the Atlantic-based Johnson Company bought the North American rights to the Ritz-Carlton name (Sucher & McManus, 2001). Between 1983 and 1997, the Johnson Company expanded the Ritz-Carlton domestically and internationally (Sucher & McManus, 2001).
“In 1997, Marriott International bought The Ritz-Carlton which operated as a wholly owned subsidiary (Sucher & McManus, 2001).” “By the end of 2000, The Ritz-Carlton was primarily a management company operating 38 hotels and resorts across the globe, with minority equity stakes in ten (10) properties and outright ownership of three (3) hotels (Sucher & McManus, 2001).” The Ritz-Carlton’s primary growth strategy was to obtain management contracts for new hotels and resorts around the world (Sucher & McManus, 2001).
Business Model
The Ritz-Carlton manages properties for hotel owners (Sucher & McManus, 2001). They charged management fees that were typically 3% of the gross revenues, supplementing their income with revenues from land rent, resort timesharing, franchise fees, management incentives, and profit sharing (Sucher & McManus, 2001). The Ritz-Carlton and their competitor the Four-Seasons are two of the most famous chains for serving the wealthiest end of the market (Sucher & McManus, 2001). The most crucial aspect of the hotel market is occupancy (Sucher & McManus, 2001). To address the occupancy aspect, The Ritz-Carlton’s managers focused around two groups, the independent travelers and meeting event planners (Sucher & McManus, 2001).
Independent Traveler and Meeting Event Planners
The independent guest was given extra care and attention (Sucher & McManus, 2001). The Ritz-Carlton would meet travelers at the airport with drinks, discount coupons presented on silver trays, serenaded with piano concertos, and even created a hotel room in the airport (Sucher & McManus, 2001). In one hotel, they introduced the “Technology Butler”, which was a staff of technicians on call 24 hours a day to assist guests with computer issues (Sucher & McManus, 2001). This extra care and attention made the customer feel special and made to feel it was all about them (Sucher & McManus, 2001).
The Ritz-Carlton knew the event attendees were testing the hotel to see how well they performed (Sucher & McManus, 2001). The Ritz-Carlton needed to...

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