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Year 10 History Assessment 2
Source Analysis Scaffold

Source 1

Joseph Goebbels, 1933, ‘Joseph Goebbels address to the German Students’, Night of the Book Burnings presented at the Opernplatz in Berlin 10 May. Comment by Gloria Alwan: surname first
Accessed Online At: https://www.ushmm.org/wlc/en/media_fi.php?ModuleId=10005852&MediaId=158
Joseph Goebbels addressed the men and women of Germany as the Minister of Propaganda on the 10th May 1933. This speech is a primary source. Comment by Gloria Alwan: include where
The speech congratulates the German students for the courageous act they are about to partake in. He claims that they are burning the Jewish Intellectualism which was considered garbage in order for the greater race (German) to take control and to assist in the reeducation of Germany.
As the minister of propaganda Joseph Goebbels often spoke at events and would speak with the intent to persuade people into believing the ideology of the Nazi party. This speech was to command the German students to destroy all the books deemed “Un-german in spirit”, removing the “intellectual garbage of the past”, while synchronizing German Culture with Nazi Ideology. Comment by Gloria Alwan: excellent

The source was created for the German men, women and students. The understanding that the speech was for them comes from the address made at the start. Reasons that it would be for them include the fact that Goebbels was the Mminister of Ppropaganda and was speaking to them to encourage the behaviour of burning the books. Comment by Gloria Alwan: should include a quote here to support
This source contains bias towards the Nazi ideology as Joseph Goebbels was one of the key individuals in creating the ideology. It was based on his ideas and opinions making the source a subjective piece of information. Because the source is subjective and biased it cannot be used to gather an understanding of the time period, and the discrimination against the jews, but rather this source and others such as other propaganda and Hitler's speeches can be used to understand the German perspective. Comment by Gloria Alwan: it can, but from that view point only - not in a broad sense Comment by Gloria Alwan: valid.
In the source the perspective of Joseph Goebbels the Nazi Minister of Propaganda was explored. Their opinion about the chosen topic is that Jewish intellectualism of the past needs to be destroyed in order to start synchronizing German culture with Nazi ideology. The reason he had this perspective was he was one of the main people behind the Nazi ideology and developed it into what it was. His role meant that he believed the ideology as it was his job. In this source we are limited to the perspective of the Nazi’s and miss the perspective of the German Jews, and outsiders to the problem. Comment by Gloria Alwan: Can other evidence be found to support its claims? Comment by Gloria Alwan: Need to state that other sources corroborate - have...

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