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I have always had a considerable interest in architecture, ever since studying Fine Arts in Tunisia. Thereafter, I have looked at it in detail through my study in the University of Tripoli (UT); where I spent five years, and gathered a huge amount of architectural knowledge. This interest would suggest that I would be well suited to the job of an architect. I have always believed that it would be a very interesting career for me which needs a lot of imagination, visualization and artistic sense.
During the college, Structure Systems course drew my attention towards the relationship between architecture and technology. I remember that I chose Walt Disney Concert Hall building as a case study for an assignment in this course, and I was impressed by the impact of the computer technology on the design of the building, and how the architect “Frank Gehry” used technology to transform his Incomprehensible sketches to real buildings. Since then, my objective centered on integrating technology in my designs and my researches in spite of all criticism I faced and still face. This objective was applied firstly on my undergraduate thesis where I wanted to emphasize the impact of technology on mass composing phase of the design concept. At the beginning, the thesis was acclaimed by many members of the Evaluation Committee, but it received a lot of praise at the end. Even during my career experience in the National Consulting Bureau, I attempt many times to login technology in my works, but the efforts failed because of the avoidance of building unusual and uncommon designs by local people and government. Consequently, I returned to the traditional style in the design for locals while used my creativity in the participation in the international architectural competitions. Those competitions helped me further my technical abilities, and enriched my artistic and creative capabilities. Moreover, I got the chance in these competitions to work on different software’s such as ArchiCad, 3ds Max and Sketch up. These software’s allowed me to explore and express my ideas and concept easily which increased my fascination with technology. Although I was proud of my practical background, there was something missing and I was not living up my whole ambition. That thing was getting a master degree in a major arouses this ambition, supports my principles and elevates my knowledge and qualifications. Therefore, I applied to Fulbright scholarship in 2008 and I was chosen among 300 applicants. This scholarship made my dream a true story when I got the M.Sc. in digital architecture from the University of Nebraska – Lincoln (UNL) in 2011. This experience showed the strong aspects in my personality especially when I faced the challenge of convincing my family by the idea of studying abroad, and being by myself for the first time. I learned from this challenge that my determination was strong enough to overcome...

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