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History Takes Shape: A Never Ending Circle

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American Philosopher George Santayana warned, “Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it.” Whether it be remembering the past or learning from it, the consequences of history repeating itself is far greater than any other consequence. The world must be educated in the events of the past so that the future can thrive. If mankind is not taught about the atrocities of the Holocaust, those atrocities will be repeated in cities and countries around the world. Evidence of this repetition is seen in modern-day American ghettos, and in Darfur.

Evidence that history has begun to repeat itself is seen in American cities across the country. Proof that the Holocaust must be taught is first witnessed in American ghettos. Like the Warsaw ghetto during the Holocaust, these communities are often filthy and poorly managed. The buildings are littered with trash and infested with insects and vermin. In his book Coming Up Black: Patterns of Ghetto Socialization, David Schulz, a well-known researcher on society, reveals how ghettos are mirroring the overcrowding in Warsaw because more than 10,000 people “[are] living in filth” (Schulz 4). Correlations are made between a lack of proper education and the repeating occurrences. For example, most adolescents do not experience stable environments that promote learning. In ghetto providences across the country, children “attend five or six schools before they get out of grade school” (Schulz 15). As a result, the education of today’s youth is hindered. A properly-educated youth is crucial to avoid reiterating history. On the contrary, many argue that the Holocaust has been recognized so repetition will be avoided. The argument is that banks and governments worldwide “…acknowledged their complicity with the Nazis and established funds to aid Holocaust survivors” (“The Holocaust”). Donations are a step forward; however, giving back is not enough. Handing money to victims does not remove the horrific memories they must live with forever. The world cannot keep committing monstrosities and then writing checks to cover it up. Prevention of outrageous events through teaching and learning is the only option.

In addition, for many poverty-stricken families, the only options for housing are in these ghettos. Section eight housing bares immense similarities to the shelters of Holocaust ghettos. Heaps of caked on defecation painted the sides of the houses in the Jewish ghettos. Similarly, the feces-covered corridors in American ghetto housing are “often so offensive that many prefer to [avoid them]” (Schulz 4). Because the Holocaust is not properly addressed educationally, the same actions are being taken by the American government and its inhabitants that will likely result in the same outcomes. “School progress [has been stunted] and another generation [is] locked more securely inside ghetto walls” because of deficient educational system has (Schulz 15). Consequently, history will continue a negative cycle. In...

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