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History Taking Self Assessment Project Essay

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The ability of a medical practitioner to elicit a sound and thorough chief complaint and history is essential in treating patients. During the first encounter with the patient, medical practitioners should be able to treat based on the information the patient provides. On December 13, 2013, the Physician Associate class of 2015 had the opportunity to interview standardized patients. This encounter was videotaped for self-analysis. I was able to reflect and improve on interviewing skills from watching my own patient interview. My critiques and thoughts are delineated in this essay from which I hope to improve upon.
The patient whom I encountered during the standardized patient interview was ...view middle of the document...

I stumbled several times in thinking of questions and decided to summarize early. As a result, the history of present illness (HPI) was brief and incomplete. This set the tone for the rest of the interview and the pace of the interview was a bit rushed. In retrospect, I should have asked Phil how his left-ear anacusis affected his life and how it made him feel. Instead of ending the HPI early, I should have used the opportunity to ask more questions that are open-ended. Throughout my PA training, I believe that learning about body systems, physiology, and pathology will facilitate my ability to generate appropriate questions and produce a natural progression to inquire about patient impact and emotions.
Since I was unable to ask questions about how Phil’s symptom influenced his life and made him feel, my own interactions with Phil were a bit insensitive. Although Phil did share some of his feelings without my asking, I answered with short responses such as “okay” or “oh.” My terse responses were stiff and insincere, reflecting my nervousness of being recorded and watched. A more comforting response to Phil would have been a statement of support or understanding, which I normally would react with outside of class. A part of me expected the NURS model to come naturally, as it would with daily interactions with classmates or friends. However, this was not the case. I did not feel comfortable in the situation and was unable to express concern effectively. I hope that this will be rectified with more interview practice.
While the NURS model was contrived, the transitions between sections of the interview were natural. In transitioning from the HPI to the patient, family, and social history, I was...

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