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Sovereignty and
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How could Rowlandson have survived her long captivity
When a person suffers slaughter, the loss of family members and captivity as a slave, what would make her survive? There must be a reason. Unfortunately, Mary Rowlandson was a person who suffered these circumstances when Native Americans attacked and slaughtered the city of Lancaster. Her family members were killed outright except her three children, and those who survived were captured as salves. The tribe took them from the settlement to the wilderness. This was the beginning of a long captive journey for Rowlandson. Unbelievably, after 11 weeks and twenty “removes” in the wilderness, while some of the captives perished, Rowlandson survived and finally reunited with her husband. The reasons for her survival were her strong willpower; her good husband, who was willing to help her out; and her friend Robert Pepper. Her survival was also related to the attitude of her captor, King Philip.
First, Rowlandson had really strong willpower that kept her from giving up when she suffered the slaughter and sudden change to a wilderness life. For example, although the food she needed to eat was “trash” or disgusting taste, she tried to get used to that for her survival: “The first week of my being among them, I hardly ate anything; the second week, I found my stomach grow very faint for want of something; and yet it was very hard to get down their filthy trash; but the third week, though I could starve and die before I could eat such things, yet they were sweet and savory to my taste” (79-80). The quotation shows that Rowlandson was trying to get used to Indian food and lifestyle. It was a tough process since she suddenly needed to change to a wilder lifestyle. (Native Americans lifestyle) Also at that time, one of her children died, and two surviving children were separated from her: “And her elder son telling her that her son William was dead, and my self was wounded, she said” (69-70). Thus, under these circumstances, we can tell she had strong willpower to survive to be reunited with her family.
Second, Rowlandson survived because Native Americans liked to trade captives for ransom in terms of money, weapons and gunpowder. According to the book, Native Americans knew British would like to ransom their people by money. In addition, they knew that Rowlandson had more value than others because Rowlandson’s husband went Boston begged for help and Native Americans knew that colonists would like to pay 20 pounds for her release. :“The letter also indicates that the English,...

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