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Hitchcock Paper Written In A Night, Have Fun Reading. Year 13. Essay

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Alfred Hitchcock is a world renowned director, screenwriter, and producer whose intelligent use of
cinematographic techniques in psychological thrillers have earned him the title of the 'Master of
Suspense'. Common uses of cinematography techniques used by Alfred Hitchcock are the use of camera
angles, editing in terms of subjective and objective view through cutting, lighting displaying character
atmosphere, mise en scene, non/diegetic sound, ambient sound and many more. The famous film
Psycho 1960, and the episode Mr. Blanchard's Secret 1956 of the Alfred Hitchcock presents series are
the films that I've chosen to study. Both films have aspects of Hitchcock's signature suspenseful
technical references displaying his style and purpose of the text, in these films we find that he also uses
these techniques to portray certain ideologies held by the society at that time. Alfred Hitchcock uses the
aural and visual techniques of voice overs and composition to systematically give viewers an
understanding of the relationships in these films.
Hitchcock effectively uses character composition through camera work to present the idea of separation
in his works, this manipulation of setting compels the audience to feel a sense of uneasiness through
portraying a message of separation both in relationships and/or intention; this being a subject of
paranoia in the 1950/'60's due to the uneasiness of society because of the Cold War and other aspects
of the American society. In the film Psycho, the "parlor dinner" scene in the Bates Motel presents
Norman Bates and Marion Crane on two opposing sides of the room. Though already in a state of angst
because of the nature of Marion's situation, the audience is again presented with a sense of uneasiness
because of the amount of space left between both characters during their conversation. Though in the
same room, it seems they're intentions and thoughts are dissimilar; this is exemplified in this scene by
their juxtaposition in their mise en scene compositional placement. Because of their separation in
placement, Hitchcock manipulates the audience into reading into the space and why they're so far
apart. The audience is then left instinctively acquiring an element of distrust and discomfort. This
technique could also be used to manipulate the viewers vision of the character through the lighting
they are placed under or beside. In this scene, Marion is seated close to a light whereas Norman is
seated in the far back amongst the shadows; this lighting manipulation through their placement can also
be an indicator of characters intentions or personality. Marion under a light and Norman in the shadows
could reflect their inner natures and could literally foreshadow their actions in the coming scene (with
Marion wanting to right her wrongs and Norman killing her). In Mr. Blanchard's secret we are again
presented with a scene of the same technique, during the "Alcoholic Mrs. Blanchard vision" scene, we
are presented a Mr. And...

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