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hate (hát), v., hat/ed, hat/ing, -v.t. 1 to dislike very much; Detest: 2 to
be very averse or unwilling: dislike

One word. One word that is more powerful than any weapon. One
word that can spread fear through everyone. One word powerful enough to
control a man. One man powerful enough to control millions. Adolph Hitler
did not have hate in his heart all of his life, but when he was exposed to it, he
gained it fast and furiously and eleven million dead bodies is what he had to
show for it.

April 20, 1889 was the day in which Adolph Hitler was born. On this
day, a seed was planted, a seed of hate. The seed by itself was harmless, but
it was up to Hitler from this day on if he would let this seed grow.

As a boy, Adolph went to church often and sang in the choir. One day
he carved a symbol very similar to a swastika in one of the benches at his
church.(htcl.org) Who would know that this boy’s carving in a bench would
some day represent the ultimate hate. During elementary school, Adolph got
very good grades and showed the signs of being a very intelligent individual.
However, he got poor grades in high school and this made his
easily-tempered father, Alois Hitler, very angry. Alois wanted his son to be a
civil servant, but Adolph did not want this. He wanted to be an artist.

Alois Hitler died in 1903. Two and a half years after his father’s death,
Adolph dropped out of high school. At this time he was sixteen. His mother
drew a widow’s pension and owned some property. Because of this, Adolph
did not have to work. Instead, he spent his time reading books, drawing
pictures, and simply daydreaming.

To fulfill his dream of becoming an artist, he moved to Vienna, Austria
where the Academy of Arts was located. In 1906 he tried out for the
Academy and failed. He tried out again a year later, really thinking that he
would make it. To his surprise, he failed again. The dean of the academy even
told Hitler right to his face that he would never make it as an artist. This
crushed him and left him at a dead end. Because he had no high school
diploma, there were no real jobs for him. He survived by selling pictures he
had drawn of famous landmarks and selling them as postcards.(Granger, p.
45) Just imagine, if Hitler had a little bit more talent, eleven million lives
could have been spared.

From what I have told you so far, you are probably thinking that this is
a pretty normal guy. But you have to remember, Hitler’s seed of hate has yet
to have been exposed to the things that will make it grow. Well it is now
where society helps Hitler’s seed grow. Just as Hitler influenced society
while he was in power, society influenced him before he was in power. The
only thing that influenced society was ignorance. Therefore we can say that
Hitler, himself, was influenced by ignorance. And when a man as powerul as
Hitler was gains a thing like ignorance, it can only cause destruction.

Hitler was...

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