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Hitler And His Concentration Camps Essay

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Jodi Mintken Comp 1 Rough Draft Hitler and His Concentration Camps Eleven million victims died in the Holocaust (Holocaust, 1999). All deaths were due to the fiery hate inside of Hitler. Adolf Hitler was a man involved strongly with the belief of anti-semitism. He also believed in a "master-race". The murders were horrific, the labor was demented, and the "death-marches" were absurd. The brutality of this entire happening is something every person should know of just so we can prevent it from happening again.Jews, gypsies, and homosexuals, those who were despised by Hitler, were led on long walks to other concentration camps called "death marches". Death marches were long walks that the prisoners had to take to get from one concentration camp to another. During these walks, the prisoners were deprived of sleep, food, and water. These walks were very horrible for a person to experience. Nazi officials were very cruel to the people who were led on these terrifying marches. German dogs were trained to attack people who were out of line. The dogs were trained to bite mens genitals, and women's breasts. Often if someone was injured, no one would come to their aid and they were left to die (Death Marches, 1997). Hundreds and thousands of Jews, gypsies, and homosexuals were led on these death marches. Some of the biggest, cruelest, and longest death marches were done in the winter of 1944 and 1945. During these, many prisoners of war were froze to death. Many could not keep up with the death marches and once a Nazi official saw them, the POWS were shot and killed. All killings were done in front of other POWS just so they had a sense of what was coming to them if they weren't behaving. An example of how bad death marches were is this; seven thousand Jews started out in the death march. By the end of it seven hundred had died due to starvation, exhaustion, and abuse (Westerbork, 2001). The rest that were left were shot immediately after reaching the concentration camp. Arrivals at concentration camps were deja vu for those who survived. Many POWS would try to kill themselves just so they didn't have to put up with the punishment of the Nazis. If they weren't killed during these long walks, their death was soon awaiting them at the next concentration camp.Concentration camps are places where POWS are detained. Concentration camps were mainly places where...

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