Hitler And The Nazi Party: The Rise Of Hilter

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History has reveabed many dictators but none as famous as Adolf Hitler. In the short time that it took Hitler and Nazi party to rise to power the distershen it made for the old government slipt under the raidar. Once Hitler tuck power he made plans to make a new fighting force inside the army loyal only to him. In time the Nazi Party just turned into a tule for Hitler's plans. This plans brot the beeginning of the end for Hitler and the Nazi. Without the Nazi party, Hitler would have never resen as cilky into power and never would have the infules in World War 2.
In the beginning the Nazi Party began more as a joke. The reason that Hitler Knew about them was, Because they invited him to a meeting. They invited him more as a propaganda piece thin a leader. But Hitler once knowing he had a pit if power in the organization he took advantage of it. He plotted his schemes. The plans were to get rid of the members that oppose him. Hitler needed ...view middle of the document...

No one knows who fired first, but the gunshots fluw. In the end sixteen Nazis and three policeman died and Hitler was in custody. Hitler was indicted for treason. He served lass than two years in prison. In little time from his released Hitler got conterle of the ratey waves.
Hitler Knowing once he had made rules, he would need a army to inforce his rules. In 1921 the a semi military hand of men to protect the Nazi. Hitler used the SA for his Raleigh marches but not just for support but to in intimidate people. Hitler in later years need a new fighting force loyal only to him, to replace the SA. In 1925 the Waffen-SS was formed. In the years of Fighting in World War 2 the waffen-SS became a formidable force to deal with. But Hitler didn't stop with the SS in his army billeding. Hitler understud if the youth of Germany ever disukry with his views. His work would been for nothing. So to uvod this from happening, Hither started a new youth movement. This movement came to be known as the Hitler youth. The perpes of the Hither youth was to brain wash the youth and to fight Hitler's cose.
Hither didn't just have his sites on Germany and it's government but the world . The Nazi leader made plans to invad the neighboring counters. In September 1, 1939 Hitler invaded Poland. This invasions is inpotent because it brot Great Britain and France in to the war. In Poland invasion didn't lass long Germany defeat the poles in little time. After the Poland invasions Hitler set his sites in a new tarked Franch. In June 14, 1940 Germany invaded France. The German invasion of France is most famous for the speed of the defeat of the French. It did not take long for Hitler to prepared for the biggest tanck invasions of it's time. This invasions became Known Barossa. The invasions of the war in the east in the Soviet Union. I n the end the invasion of the Soviet Union would becams once of the ponts of Hitler down fall.
In conclusion the coos, the army bilding, and the invosiones were just part of a bigger and more evil plan that the Nazi party would know to lat for it's dumise. Hitler's quick rise to power and his inflieence that brought the would into war, would never have occurced with the Nazi party in Germany.

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