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Adolf Hitler was not born into power; instead he was elected as chancellor and later became dictator after president Hindenburg died in office. His rise to power can be traced back when he became leader of a group called the National Socialist German Workers Party, which would later be known as the Nazi Party. After a failed attempt at an up rise in Munich, he was sent to prison for 9 months. When he was released, he regrouped and reformed the Nazi Party. He gained a lot of support by attacking the treaty of Versailles. He promoted nationalism and opposed international capitalism and communism. He also supported anti-Semitism, which is the devout hatred of Jews. He came up with more effective techniques for attracting followers such as mass communication that was backed up with violence. Another reason the Nazi Party grew more powerful was the fact that Germany was going through an economic depression. In fact, by 1932 it was the dominant party of Germany. When elections came around Hitler became chancellor. As chancellor, he was the head of the government of Germany. One of the first things to occur after his election was the passing of the Enabling Act. The Enabling Act gave Hitler and his administration the power to make laws without any interference from the Reichstag. Another bill that was passed around the same time was known as the Reichstag Fire Decree. This bill eliminated a lot of civil liberties and gave state power to Reich government. These two bills were the beginning of the process of turning the Weimar Republic into the Third Reich. After Hindenburg died the following year Hitler claimed the presidency and made himself head of state. He would later call himself “Führer und Reichskanzler,” which means leader and Chancellor of the Reich. As you can see from the information above, there were many factors that brought Hitler to power.
For every great ruling there is an even greater downfall. Hitler is a perfect example of this. In early 1945 it became evident to Hitler that Germany was going to lose the war. The German army had been driven back and they didn’t have much of a chance. Hitler had been told about the assassination of Benito Mussolini and was afraid he might have a similar fate. So on April 29, 1945 he married Eva Braun, his longtime girlfriend, in his Berlin bunker. The day after their marriage they both killed themselves. Hitler had shot himself while his wife had bit down on cyanide. After they were found dead, Hitler’s men took the two of them and repeatedly burned them for 3 hours until all that was left was charred remains. In his will he appointed Karl Donitz as his successor. He would lead as President with Goebbels as Chancellor and Bormann as Party Minister. Goebbels and his wife would later kill themselves along with their children as well. As a result of the war Berlin fell on May 2, 1945. After the defeat of Nazi Germany, Germany was split into 4 zones. The United States, France, Britain and the Soviet Union...

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