Hitler's Escape To South America Essay

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For years, society has been led to believe that Hitler died in his Berlin bunker, but did he

actually escape to South America? It has been proven that many other high ranking Nazis have

escaped to countries in South America, such as Argentina and Brazil, so it is no surprise that

Hitler too could have escaped. Many know only the accepted cause of Hitler’s death, and they

are not aware of the evidence that hints he could have escaped to South America. However,

there are other theories that hint towards a different outcome of Hitler’s life, theories that have

more evidence. It is very hard to believe that lower ranking Nazis, such as Adolf Eichmann,

escaped, yet they allowed Adolf Hitler, who practically built the Third Reich, to kill himself in

his Berlin bunker.

As World War II was ending, many Nazis were forced to flee their homeland for

Argentina, which welcomed many Nazis with open arms. In fact, Juan Peron, then President of

Argentina, was pro Fascist. Peron went as far as sending Argentine agents to Europe just to help

Nazis escape from the Allies (Nelson). According to Sharkhunters, Hitler and his wife, Eva

Braun, were witnessed by a Spanish spy“being forcibly drugged and removed from the

Führerbunker under orders from Martin Bormann.” Martin Bormann and other high ranking
Nazis knew that Hitler would be tried and executed as a war criminal. If Hitler was a symbol of

the Reich, then why would his comrades let him kill himself?

Hitler knew that the Allies would be looking for him, so he not only fled Germany to

Argentina, but he also went to other South American countries, such as Paraguay and Brazil.

After Peron was removed from power in 1955, the government of Argentina became hostile to

the Nazis, and many went into hiding or fled the country. According to Simoni Dias’ new book,

Hitler in Brazil - His life and His death, Hitler “fled to Brazil to hunt for buried treasure.” If one

was a Nazi who escaped Germany after World War II, they would face many dangers, including

capture by Nazi hunters or spies from the Allied countries. In order to help prevent those

dangers, some Nazis would sometimes bribe South Americans or Allied troops to guarantee a

safe passage across the Atlantic. Also, it is said that while in Brazil, Hitler got into a relationship

with an African - American woman named Cutinga (see Fig. 1) to cover up his fascist beliefs in

order to avoid detection (Edwards). However, some historians have disagreed with Dias’ theory.

For example, history professor at Mato Grosso’s Federal University, Candido Moreira Rodrigues,

claims that:

There's nothing new in people who claim to be historians coming up with the

most far-reaching theories about Hitler supposedly living in south America and

subsequently dying in one of the countries in this region. (Rodrigues)


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