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The historical analysis of the “History of Germany” reveals many hidden facts including the complex issues such as fighting against homosexuality, Hitler’s racial ideology and the ecclesiastical Christian Church movements that needed to be appropriately addressed and rectified. This analytical paper aims to analyze the History of Germany by assessing two articles that are; “Combating homosexuality as a political task” and “Who can resist temptation?” to analyze the situation of Germany through historical documents.

Analysis of “Combating Homosexuality As A Political Task”
Günter Grau’s article on “Gay and lesbian Persecution in Germany” from 1933 to 45 presents the detailed view of the treatment of homosexuals and the lesbians during the Nazi government period. The author tries to highlight the actions that were taken during the Socialist regime of Hitler due to their extra emphasis on the socialism. Therefore, the ...view middle of the document...

This idea could be assessed in two ways. First, at that time Germany had already been through World War I, lost most of its male population and was still going through the war phase which further threatened the rest of the male population and the unnatural act of homosexuality puts the nation’s future at stake and the issue needed to be addressed in the likely manner.

Analysis of “Who Can Resist Temptation?”
Dietrich Bonhoeffer in the memorandum of December 1942, questions the moral responsibility and courage of the German people who call themselves as faithful Christians, but are unable to take the charge of responsibility of protect8ing religion in the true sense. In fact, Bonhoeffer who was very active during the period of Nazi regime of Hitler and challenged Hitler’s strategy to introduce Aryan Paragraph through leading Confessing Church considers it a civil courage and moral responsibility of the individuals to resist temptation while ensuring protection of the religion and religious sacraments. This shows author’s intentions to awake the Germans of the time so that they come out of the claws of Hitler and his unlawful socialism that was being emphasized in the every attempt of Nazism.

In all, both the articles attempt to address the challenges of the Germans. Grau and Bonhoeffer suggest solutions to German problems, which are still relevant in the modern time such as effects of homosexuality and moral responsibility of preserving religion, are still debated in many societies.

The paper discusses the two articles analyzing the historical transition of Germans through the period Nazi Hitler. The two articles pose the threatened position of the Germans throughout the period of Hitler regime and the social and religious submission of the people to the socialist regime of the time whereas on the other hand it could be analyzed from the text of both the articles that the papers attempt to signify the historical transformation of the Germans and the challenges that the country faced during its transformational phase.

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