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All single and married women up to the age of thirty-five who do not already have four children should be obligated to produce four children by radically pure, German men.” This statement was made by Hitler’s government in 1933 that became a further law in Germany. Analyzing this argument it’s possible to say that Hitler Youth movement started before the birth of the child.
In this essay I will discuss the methods that Hitler used to influence the young Germans until the end of the World War II. To analyze this topic will be considerable to show several points. I will discuss the people who supported Hitler in his rise to the power as background, how the Nazis used Nazi Propaganda to influence to youngsters, clarify why the young people were so important to Hitler, and then the education given to the new Nazi members during that time.

Hitler’s supports: Background
In 1933 when Germany was hit by the Depression, the Weimar Republic did not have any solutions to present, the Nazis on the other hand seemed to have it. They secured the people blaming the Jews and other groups of society. To a defeat and weak people Hitler promised them what they wished to head, thus everything that he said was enough to believe in the Nazis and start to follow them as rulers by the election that was made. It was the rise of Hitler, as chancellor.
Hitler’s aim in having more and more people supporting him in that moment was really significant for him to grow in Germany and consequentially making Germany great again. Hence, he knew that putting the youngsters in his side would be the best method in not having only support in that moment, but in having support until the end of the Nazism, supporting it and doing whatever takes to defend Germany as being loyal to Hitler.

Nazi Propaganda:
During that period the use of propaganda was extremely important to help Hitler in his ideals. He used the propaganda in very much to influence the people. Thus, he could persuade the mothers to put their children to join the Nazi, he could persuade men to join the wars, the workers, the farmers, and he could persuade anyone he wants to make him and his party even more powerful.
The main way to influence those people by the propaganda was using the speech – “What we want for German youth of the future is different of what was wanted in the past.” One of many speeches made by Hitler influencing youngsters in joins his party. Using this sort of argument Hitler encouraged youngsters to be strong and to be proud in being part of Nazism. This was all that a young always wanted, hence this made much sense for them in joining Hitler Youth. A different method of the use of propaganda was making movies that retracted the good life in being part of Hitler Youth. They used the movies to catch the attention of people as well they used the method of leaflets with drawings of happy family followed by a very happy and hopeful message that touched the German’s heart, thus the Nazis...

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