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1. THE BEGINNINGAt half past six on the evening of April 20th, 1889 a childwas born in the small town of Branau, Austria. The name of thechild was Adolf Hitler. He was the son a Customs official AloisHitler, and his third wife Klara.As a young boy Adolf attendated church regulary and sang inthe local choir. One day he carved a symbol into the bench whichresembled the Swastika he later used as the symbol of the Naziparty. He was a pretty good student. He received good marks inmost of his classes. However in his last year of school hefailed German and Mathematics, and only succeeded in Gym andDrawing. He drooped out of school at the age of 16, spending atotal of 10 years in school. From childhood one it was his dreamto become an artist or architect. He was not a bad artist, ashis surviving paintings and drawings show but he never showed anyoriginality or creative imagination. To fullfil his dream he hadmoved to Vienna the capital of Austria where the Academy of artswas located. He failed the first time he tried to get admissionand in the next year, 1907 he tried again and was very sure ofsuccess. To his surprise he failed again. In fact the Dean ofthe academy was not very impressed with his performance, and gavehim a really hard time and said to him 'You will never bepainter.' The rejection really crushed him as he now reached adead end. He could not apply to the school of architecture as hehad no high-school diploma. During the next 35 years of his livethe young man never forgot the rejection he received in thedean's office that day. Many Historians like to speculatewhat would have happened IF.... perhaps the small town boy wouldhave had a bit more talent....or IF the Dean had been a littleless critical, the world might have been spared the nightmareinto which this boy was eventually to plunge it.2. WORLD WAR IWhile living in Vienna Hitler he made his living by drawingsmall pictures of famous landmarks which he sold as post cards.But he was always poor. He was also a regular reader of a smallpaper which claimed that the Araban race was superior to all andwas destined to rule the world. The paper blamed Communists andJews for all their problems and hitler agreed to those views.Hitler agree with most of the points made in the publication. Hecontinued to live a poor live in Vienna and in 1913 decided tomove to Munich. Still living in Vienna and being Austrain bybirth, Hitler showed more loyalty to the Geramny. He thoughtthat the Aryan race was destined to rule the world. Many believethat he tried to escape the draft but it was never proven. Hislive in Munich was not much better then before and he continuedto be poor. Then in 1914 World War I broke out and Hitler sawthis as a great opportunity to show his loyalty to the'fatherland' by volunteering for the Imperial army. He did notwant to fight in the Austrian Army. Hitler was a good soldier.Many of political opponents claimed that he was a coward butrecords clearly show that he was not. He received to...

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