Hiv/Aids Epidemic The Major Causes And Possible Correspondence.

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Since the first clinical evidence of AIDS was reported two decades ago, HIV/AIDS has spread to every corner of the world. Economic insecurity, displacement caused by conflicts and disasters, illiteracy, violence and abuse, and social exclusion are only part of the numerous factors contributing to the HIV/AIDS prevalence. HIV/AIDS affects both rich and poor citizens in both developed and developing countries, and it is one of the biggest challenges the world is facing.A majority of HIV infection world wide occurs through sex between men and women. However, many people infected with HIV do not know they are carrying the virus. Nor do they know much about the disease. It is clear that the HIV infections through sex are strongly related to lack of knowledge of HIV transmission and skills to practice safe sex. Often times, religious and cultural habits which refuse the use of contraceptive devices are being an obstacle for the promotion of the sexual behavior.As the HIV/AIDS epidemic continues to spread, its association with drug use is becoming more apparent. It is estimated that about 10% of HIV infections globally result from injecting drug use. In some European and Asian countries, more than half of HIV infections are attributed to injecting drug use. In many cases, injecting drug users are forced to live on the margins of society and lack access to HIV/AIDS information and protection.Improving access to education, employment and livelihoods is a valuable feature of effective preventing method. Information and the means for protection must reach everyone, especially marginalized sections of societies. Women and men must be able to apply the lessons and tools to protect them selves. The cultural and social conditions in which people live shape their options and behaviour. Changing those conditionsand the attitudes of others, for the better can enable people to build their lives around safer choices.Gender inequalities are a major driving force behind the AIDS epidemic. In most societies, girls and women face heavier risks of HIV infection than men because their diminished economic and social status...

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1177 words - 5 pages older men to use condoms (4). As a result, the number of women infected with HIV/AIDS has increased dramatically. Today officials believe that 5,700,000 young women living in Sub-Saharan Africa are infected with HIV (4).In addition to cultural obstacles, political and governing ignorance is a major contributor to the increase of the HIV/AIDS epidemic in Sub-Saharan Africa. For the majority of the 20th century, Sub-Saharan Africa was controlled

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1973 words - 8 pages controversy and contradictions. Preventing any advancement in treating this infection is the discrimination faced by those in society who have been diagnosed with HIV/AIDS. Several reasons account for this stigma. HIV/AIDS can end a life—fear of this causes people to react in extreme ways towards those who have it. Beyond its fatal effects, HIV/AIDS is associated with unacceptable behaviors such as drug addiction, homosexuality, prostitution, and

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969 words - 4 pages HIV/AIDS is an epidemic that affects both men and women of all ages. It has an impact on many people's lives either by themselves being infected, knowing someone who is infected, or being a health care worker. HIV is a virus that attacks the body's immune system. It also affects the blood cells (lymphocytes) and cells of the organs (bone marrow, spleen, liver, and lymph glands). It affects the lungs, central nervous system and gastrointestinal

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2065 words - 8 pages is, "how long will our economy continue to grow?" With an expected large scale roll out of antiretroviral treatment(ARV's) that is unparalleled by any other low or middle income country and an ever increasing health care budget, Government appears to be tackling the pandemic head on (ASGISA, 2006). However in light of the recent world Aids conference coupled with our own President's non committal stance on whether HIV causes Aids, mixed signals as

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1559 words - 6 pages Introduction HIV has been a major global issue for over 100 years. It is estimated that 1.6 million people died as a result of this virus in 2012 (“Fact sheet”, 2012). Due to statistics such as the one I just cited, I decided to write this review essay on HIV and the condition of AIDS. As an up and coming scientist, I feel it is imperative that we strive to grow in our understanding of diseases, such as AIDS, so that we can do our part in

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1795 words - 7 pages then-unknown SIV carried most probably by African Green Monkeys. Green-Monkey kidney cells were widely used as a substrate to grow viruses for research and vaccine production. From 1957 to 1960 one of the first major trials of an experimental oral polio virus vaccine took place. The birthplace of this vaccine is located in what we now call the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Burundi and Rwanda, seemingly the hearth of the global AIDS epidemic

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1897 words - 8 pages The Human Immunodeficiency Virus/Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome, commonly known as HIV/AIDS is a disease, with which the human immune system, unlike in other disease, cannot cope. AIDS, which is caused by the HIV virus, causes severe disorder of the immune system and slowly progresses through stages which disable the body’s capability to protect and instead makes it vulnerable for other infections. The first blood sample to contain HIV was


1944 words - 8 pages more sensitive to all illnesses, including Tuberculosis and Salmonellosis (“Complications”). HIV sometimes causes infertility, meaning you are not able to get pregnant/have a baby. If treatments are started almost immediately after diagnosis of HIV, chances are much higher that it won’t progress into AIDS. AIDS is life-threatening, and without treatment it is fatal within 3 years. AIDS and HIV become a big obstacle in the daily lives of those


977 words - 4 pages , gender equality, child mortality, maternal health, HIV and other diseases, environmental sustainability and global partnership. (Nations, n.d.). For this paper, the HIV pandemic shall be analysed. The Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV) is the virus that serves as root for the acquired immunodeficiency syndrome or AIDS which is a disease that compromises the human immune system supressing it and leaving the body open for other diseases and

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2257 words - 9 pages estimated that at least five million people in India have been infected with HIV and with the risk factors at hand, such as poverty and high population, the spread of AIDS in epidemic proportions there is a reality (Check 16). No cure for AIDS has been found, no vaccine to make a body immune to it. Yet the average annual cost of drugs that make it possible to live with AIDS is much more than most citizens of Third World countries see in their entire

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