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Hiv And Sexual Health Essay

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Residing in rural districts is a major risk factor for delayed HIV diagnosis (Weis, Liese, Hussey, Gibson, & Duffus, 2010). Thus, Desire to Relieve and Enlighten All Mankind, Inc. (DREAM) Clinic proposes an idea to model an intervention after the Safer Sex Skills Building (SSSB) intervention, a CDC evidence-based intervention (EBI). The target population, heterosexually active women of low socioeconomic status currently in drug treatment residing in rural areas of Dawson, Georgia, lack supplementary treatment and services in these areas, presenting a noteworthy dilemma. The clinic plans to implement mental health and sexual health services which are both usually intertwined with substance abuse and play critical roles in the spread of HIV/AIDS (Latkin, Weeks, Glasman, Galletly, & Albarracin, 2010). The intervention duration will consist of five sessions, approximately 90 minutes in length per session and will persist for three weeks (CDC, 2013). Upon implementation of these services, individuals will receive the proper education as well as the necessary counseling. As a result of the implementations, participants' quality of health care services and access would surely increase.
Implemented services will address numerous social ecological factors. First and foremost, psychological factors will be addressed through the mental health program. In addition, knowledge, and perceptions will receive the necessary attention. The sexual health program will incorporate a variety of dynamics, for instance, domestic violence and recognition of male partner's precarious conduct. It is our desire to expand into the community and offer free rapid testing in conjunction with local churches in various areas throughout the community in addition to free testing at the clinic site. Studies have determined that cost may be a potential barrier in the attainment and utilization of condoms (Sumartojo & Esther, 2000). Furthermore, we plan to provide condoms, both male and female, along with education regarding the proper use and different brands of condoms.
Organization Description
Desire to Relieve and Enlighten All Mankind, Inc. (DREAM) Clinic offers excellent health care services at relatively low costs for individuals residing in the rural south. Services currently provided include primary and precautionary health services, such as health education, gynecology, and disease management. Health education involves the discussion of rather basic health issues such as blood pressure and weight management. Our gynecology department offers a full range of services encompassing pap smears and mammograms. Finally, disease management comprises chronic illnesses like diabetes. However, we wish to expand our services to meet the needs of the rural south regarding HIV/AIDS in heterosexually active women of low socioeconomic status currently in drug treatment at this specific time.
Our organization has achieved many major accomplishments over the last five years. One of...

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