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Health Care Systems In Finland, England, And Ethiopia

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In Finland, all people have a right to health care. The right to secure a number of laws, regulations and recommendations. (STM 2013.) Mission through a strong understanding of the Finland’s variety of health problems, between problems of developing countries. These differences come out in my work.
Having read a number of health in developing countries I chose the health care system in Ethiopia. The Ethiopian health care system was completely foreign to me before. And I felt the challenge to explore an entirely new health care system. The Ethiopian health care I found getting to know how unequal the world's people are in respect of health care. Our health care system problems affect the insignificant if compared to the development of health problems. Developing countries, population growth poses challenges for health care. As well people living in rural areas and health care services and nurses' low level. (The Earth Institute at Columbia University 2013.)
UK health care system, in turn, attracted to its topicality. National Health Service (NHS) occurred in several business ideas in the name of the article. UK health care system seemed also to be justified. It focused on patients' rights, as well as equality. The National Health Service (NHS) in England had undergoing changes on April 2013 (NHS 2009). Changes in the health care system in the English interest me but in this work I did not go into them.
Lastly I compared the English and The Ethiopian health system in Finnish health care system. I discuss these three countries, health care systems similarities and differences. Also discusses role that emerged through my thoughts.
In Finland all people have a right to health- and social care services. Healthcare content, quality of service and access to services have been developed in last few years. Health care services aim is the socially sustainable society. For socially sustainable society is realized is the vulnerable situation improved. The following years the aims of social and health services structure and content of reforms. (STM 2013)
The Finnish Constitution 1999 19§ “ The law guarantees everyone the right to basic subsistence in the event of unemployment, sicness, disability, old age and the birth of a child or the loss of.” (FINLEX 2013a.)
“The public authorities shall, according to the Act further provides adequate social and health services, and promote the health of the population. The public authorities shall support families and others responsible for the child’s care in the child’s ability to secure the well-being and personal development.” (FINLEX 2013a.)
The Finnish Constitution says that every health is the promoted. The Finnish Constitution says that every health is the promoted and everybody must have adequate health care services. The Finnish health care system is based on the state carried out with the support of the municipal social and health care. In addition, services are...

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