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Executive SummaryThe development process for the cultural venueProviding the community a variety of materials, programs and services, providing for the education of adults and furnishing information to public are the main objectives of Hong Kong public libraries (HKPL). There are 16 public libraries in Hong Kong island region, 24 public libraries in Kowloon region and 27 public libraries in New Territories. It is enough libraries for public to use. Also, the Hong Kong Government allocates $3.3 billion on culture and the arts In 2013/14 and operates a network of HKPL comprising 67 static and 10 mobile libraries to the public. It shows the supporting which relates libraries from the Hong Kong Government.The planning and design criteria venueAbout the core and supportive facilities, there are three main types of libraries, children's library, adult lending library and young adult library, to make all age users enjoy to read the book; The exhibition area and central reference library are other core facilities which can help the users to find the useful data and information; The special reading area can fulfill the public's special reading needs such as electronic reading, listening CDs/DVDs, reading some past newspapers; Arts Resource Centre can provide the venues for public to run some art activities in there.The design guidelines for special populations are the important part that is needed to consider. It is based on the "Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities" and the "Barrier Free Environment".The operation and management of the cultural venueLibrary lending services, online services and providing newspaper and periodicals renting are the major services in the libraries at their daily operation. Hong Kong public libraries always hold some regular exhibitions and programs such as reading activities and literature activities.To create and promote an enjoyable and learning experience, there are three main operating procedures like lending service procedure, m ultimedia i nformation s ystem procedure and join extension activities procedure. All users and staffs need to follow these procedures to use or run the services.Finally, about the safety and security measures, there are five ways which can ensure the safety and security in the libraries. They are book control, regular patrolling, posting signage, setting walk-in system and using CCTV system around the libraries.IntroductionIn Hong Know, there are a few cultural venues to promote art culture, such as library, art centre, city hall, museum, heritage building, culture festival and exhibition etc. Among all of that, library plays a role as a living force for education, culture and information, and as an essential agent for the fostering of peace and spiritual welfare through the mind of men and women.In this project, it will mainly concentrate on three areas to investigate library, including the development process, the planning and design criteria and the operation and...

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