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IntroductionSynergy - "The potential ability of individual organisations or groups to be more successful or productive as the result of a merger".Definition in Oxford English Dictionary 1993 EdSynergy is the outcome of successful team work which achieves greater goals through the collective action of the whole group. In order to get the most out of a team though, control and leadership is necessary.There are many benefits of being in a team. Some examples are:More resources to problem solvingImproved creativity and innovationImproved quality of decision makingGreater commitments to tasksHigher motivation to the collective actionsBetter control and work disciplineMore individual need satisfactionThere are two sides to the coin however, and some examples of the disadvantages are:Personality conflictsDifferences in work stylesTask ambiguityPoor readiness to workThere are two main types of teams - Formal and Informal.Formal-Teams are officially recognized and supported by organisation for specific purposes.Informal - not recognized on organisation chart and emerge as part of the informal structure from natural or spontaneous relationships among people.All teams have team leaders. Performance of the team depends on his style of management and attitude. There are three main styles of leadership,AuthoritarianDemocraticLaisse FaireEach individual style has completely different policies:The Authoritarian style means that the leader has 100% control and determines everything that should be done. The leader dictates step by step, so the next step is uncertain for members of staff. This type of leader will see themselves as a messiah type figure who is always above everyone. They will generally not take part in the team - only when showing how it should be done. This type of leader will always be direct and personal about the performance of his team.A Democratic leader on the other hand, will be less domineering and will partake in the team activities and will use a collective decision making process. Usually the goals are generated by the whole team and the leader will propose different ways to achieve it. The objective to be used will however be decided by the team and tasks are left up to the group. A true democratic leader will manage to be one of the group without actually having to do the physical work of a group member.A leader with the style of Laissez - Faire is at the opposite end of the scale from an Authoritarian leader as they give control to the team members. They give guidance when requested by the team but do not impose upon the group nor take part in the activities.In the case of General Electric, the chairman Jack Welsh commenced his role in 1981 with the goal of changing the organisation to make it the number one in each of the markets it competes in. At that time Jack Welsh was convinced that the company was too bureaucratic - "so fat with layer upon layer of management" who could not make instant decisions. Since 1981 General Electrics...

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