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Ho Chi Minh Vietnamese statesman, Communist leader, and Confucian humanist, who
led the country's struggle for independence in the 1940s and was a
major figure in the war between North and South Vietnam in the 1960s.
Ho Chi Minh devoted his life to the nationalism, which to promote the
Vietnamese independence. Ho emphasized the revolutionary potential of
the peasantry, and used communism as a device to bring the
independence in Vietnam.

In the sixteenth century, Europeans began visiting Vietnam. It was
during the sixteenth century when Vietnam fell apart. In the late
1700s, In 1858 the French were seeking to expand their colonial
empire, which the movement called French imperialism. When a prince of
the defeated Nguyen clan, Nguyen Anh, turned to the French for support
after the three Tay Son brothers from a wealthy merchant family
brought the end to the Nguyen rulers, had set the scene for French
intervention. Vietnam was divided into administrative regions- Tonkin,
Annam and Cochinchina. For the next 60 years these three countries
were known as French Indochina. The French conquest of Cochinchina was
carried out by force but with considerable resistance from guerilla
fighters. By 1868 France was undisputed master of Cochinchina.

France viewed Vietnam as a land to be exploited. Under French control
economic developments did occur. French rule meant supplying the
mother country with products such as rice and rubber, There were some
economic advances under French rule. At first Vietnam ran at a loss
for the French. But early the 20th century Govenor General Doumer
turned the colony into a profitable venture, he funneled taxes and
customs duties through his treasury and brought the finances of all
French business under central control. He also set up government
monopolies for salt, alcohol and opium. Monopolies have no competition
so they can charge whatever pries the market can stand, which made big
money. However there were disastrous social effects, for example,
addiction increased and criminal groups became involved in the trade,
as well as prostitution. The economic development was increased by the
mining of coal, lead and zinc in Tonkin and growing plantations such
as growing rubber, tea and coffee for export, Also rice production was
increased for export and infrastructure was expanded, for example,
roads, railways, bridges and port facilities. By the early 20th
century, Indochina continued to be very profitable for France until
the beginning of World War Two. For example, in 1939, trade exports
earned 3.5 million francs, and imports earned 2.5 billion francs.
However the people of Indochina stayed poor under increasing...

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