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Hockey Essay

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Ice Hockey is a fast-paced physical team sport played on ice. In hockey skaters use hockey sticks to hit a hard rubber puck into the opponents net. Hockey is popular in North America, Europe, and Russia. Hockey is an official winter Olympic sport and is the national winter sport in Canada. Hockey is nicknamed “the fastest sport on earth.”
There are many theories of where and how hockey was originated. But modern day hockey is believed to originate from the game of field hockey which was first played in ancient Greece, Egypt and Persia. And over time the game spread north to Europe and then west to the America’s, where the Native Americans were already playing a stick-and-ball game that the French called lacrosse. Meanwhile, in Europe ice skating got really popular in the 17th and 18th centuries, and games started being played on ice including a Dutch version of golf and an on-ice version of hurling, an Irish stick-and-ball game.
Early 19th century paintings show an early form of hockey with no standard rules that was played in Nova Scotia called shinney. Today shinney is a popular Canadian term for an informal type of hockey. Around the mid 1800’s the Halifax Rules were made which are considered the first ever standardized rules of ice hockey. In the early 1870’s James G. Creighton, from Nova Scotia, took the rules to Montreal, Canada where they were used in the first organized ice hockey game. On March 3, 1875 the first organized game of hockey was played between Creighton and McGill University students against Fred Torrence's Victoria team at Victoria Skating Rink in Montreal. In 1877 Creighton published the first seven rules of hockey, and McGill University in Montreal formed the first organized ice hockey team. By 1883, hockey had become so popular that the first world championship of hockey was played in Montreal's annual Winter Carnival in 1883, in which the McGill team captured the Carnival Cup. In 1885, the Montreal City Hockey League was established. In 1886 the teams competing at the Winter Carnival organized the Amateur Hockey Association of Canada or the AHAC. In 1885 in Europe the Oxford University Ice Hockey Club was formed to play the first Ice Hockey Varsity Match against...

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