Hockey; An Innocent At Rinkside Rhetorical Analysis Essay Paper Silver Creek/ Ap Lang Essay

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Not a single person alive was born with a perfect sense of ability. Over time, people learn in order to achieve an understanding. Yet, every human knows, learning a feat is no simple task. It comes in a hard-hitting, complex, adrenaline rushing way that only an amusement park ride can make one feel. In this text, the author structures his passage akin to a rollercoaster. He introduces the reader to the sport of hockey by likening it to things they will already know, then the passage picks up as he adds specific terminology and more direct words. The descriptors and figurative language used by the author shows the experiences of those innocent and unaware to the world of hockey, and what they discover from the game.
When a person first begins to learn a skill, they slowly add tiny aspects of it in their daily lives until gradually, they entirely submerge themselves within the skill, having mastered the profession already. This concept is utilized by the narrator as he and the reader undergo the mechanics of a hockey game. The narrator initially introduces the topic of hockey by relating it to everyday life. By associating the parts of hockey to “the Xmas store window” he brings upon a childish atmosphere the reader can relate to. As the passage goes on, the reader is introduced to a more serious tone mimicking that of an actual hockey game, shown in phrases like “men in rapid hard close physical conflict” and “sweating barehanded behemoths”.
Throughout the entirety of the passage, the use of figurative language in order to help the reader conceptualize is substantial. In order to fully convey the hockey game in a way that is understandable, the narrator makes use of similes in comparing the individual players fluidity to “rapier-thrusts or lightning”. Another instance of this is when the narrator says “it would break, coalesce through a kind of kaleidoscope whirl like a child’s toy, into a pattern, a design almost beautiful…” By using these similes, he pinpoints the minor details...

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