Hockey And Golf Differences Essay

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Out on the beautiful green golf course there is a golfer who is getting ready to putt on the 18th hole. He walks on the clean cut grass to his ball where he lines up his putter. He slowly and slightly lifts his putter back and brings it down in a quick and tightly controlled motion. The putter hits the ball ever so lightly, and the golf ball travels straight into the hole. Bam! A huge collision occurred while one hockey player skated furiously into another along the hockey boards. They both fall in a heap onto the ice as their teammates skate vigorously past them with the puck. Now, these two scenes show obvious differences between these two types of sports. The main difference is the nature of each sport. Hockey is a more aggressive and fast paced game that is played inside an arena on an enclosed ice rink with the fans as close as they can get to the athletes. Golf is a much calmer and slower paced game that is played outside, usually in nice sunny weather. Golf is played on a big open golf course with the fans standing in a roped off area far from the actual golfers. The nature of hockey and golf requires different skills from each sport’s athletes. Also, hockey and golf athletes exhibit different behavioral expectations because of the different natures of each sport. Even the fans of hockey and golf display different behaviors from one another.
There are many skills required for a hockey player. One of them would be having good reflexes. Now, naturally hockey is a really fast paced sport. That’s why excellent reflexes are needed because everything, from the hockey puck to the hockey players themselves, is moving so fast in a game of hockey. Hockey players need these high-quality reflexes for many things such as following a puck if it changes direction, following a player if he or she changes direction, or even winning a faceoff when the referee drops the puck. Along with exceptional reflexes, another skill hockey players need is agility. Agility goes hand in hand with good reflexes. Hockey players need to be able to move quickly while still being able to react fast enough to anything. Being agile and having excellent reflexes are both really needed skills for hockey players. However, skating abilities are the main skill a hockey player needs, because without good solid skating, the skills, agility and remarkable reflexes, will be poor. Hockey player’s skating abilities need to be next to perfect. These athletes need to be able to stop quickly, skate quickly, and be able to maneuver around opposing hockey players in order to get close to scoring a goal. They can’t be falling down constantly because this would hurt the game itself. This would cause many delays in a game and could even cost a team a win. These skating abilities are needed because of the nature of the sport of hockey. Because hockey is played on an ice rink, a hockey athlete will need be able to skate very well. Hockey players will need to be able to skate quickly and change...

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