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Level Of Education To Job Requirements

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Students in higher educational levels attend school/university in the hope of having success in the labour market. An important aspect of labour market success is to bring the gained abilities and knowledge which are learned at school into practice (Robst, 2006 – usa voor meer referenties – rest ref in dit paper). Robst (2006) briefly discusses the relationship between the years of schooling that are required for a job, and completed schooling in the United States of America. With respect to this, it can be said that workers who have had more schooling than the job requires are overeducated, and workers who have had less schooling than the job requires are undereducated. Both types indicate a mismatch between the level of education and job requirements. But, the quantity of schooling (years of schooling) is not the only way to take the match between schooling and job into account. Another way to do such a thing, is through looking at the level of education instead of the years of education (Sloane, 2003). Furthermore, employees may be mismatched when the level of schooling (either in years or in level of education) is in accordance to the job requirements but the type of schooling is not (Sloane, 2003). An example of this would be that someone with a degree in (higher education) architecture ends up having a job in the social sciences. Although the level of education can be equal, there is still a mismatch between educational level and the job requirements.
Robst (2006) focuses on the mismatch between type of schooling and job requirements in the USA. He mentions that there is still not one specific theory which explains the relation between educational level and job requirement mismatch. One common theory that explains mismatch based on the field of study is the human capital theory. Based on this theory, it can be said that while research on occupational and general skills focus on training on the job, the choice of a major is also very important. This choice implies an investment in the skills which are necessary for a profession which is related to the chosen major. Some skills which are acquired during college are general, whereas others are more specific for a future profession. It is assumed that students choose a major with the expectation to end up working in the field of that major (Betts, 1996 – uit...

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