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Have you ever wondered how two athletes with two different faiths can change their own lives by their ways of living? Eric Liddell was a Scottish runner and a faithful Christian. On the other hand, Harold Abraham was a British runner and a Jew who struggled to change other people’s thought of Jews. Both of these men ran in the 1924 Olympics for different purposes. The movie “Chariots of Fire” showed how Eric Liddell and Harold Abrahams differed from one another. Eric Liddell and Harold Abrahams were different in their faith, economic status, and their motivations.
First, Eric Liddell and Harold Abrahams differed in their faith. Eric Liddell was a faithful Christian. As a faithful Christian, Eric Liddell frequently attended church on Sundays. Not only did he attend church, but he also preached in different churches. The movie (“Chariots of Fire”, Hugh Hudson) showed a scene where he was preaching and reading a passage from the Bible. On the other hand, Harold Abrahams was of the Jewish faith. For instance, Jews do not eat pork because in the Old Testament the Israelites were commanded to abstain from it. Proof that Harold Abrahams followed this belief was seen in the movie when it showed that his girlfriend Sybil order pork in the restaurant and Harold felt first offended, and then amused by her mistake. In nineteen twenty-four Jews were frequently disrespected regarded as an inferior race. An example of this was when Rodgers, the receptionist in Harold’s dormitory, called him sonny, a name used to call someone who is younger in a disrespectful way. Rodgers’ expression sounded to Harold that Rodgers did not want Harold in the university. Furthermore, Rodgers always spoke in a dull voice to Harold, which showed that he had no interest in being friendly or engaging with Harold. The faith of these two men was very important because religion often influences a person’s attitudes and actions, because as a man thinks, so he acts.
Next, these British athletes differed in their economic status. Eric Liddell was not very wealthy. For example, Eric attended in the University of Edinburgh. Furthermore, lived in a Eric lived in a Scottish village. In contrast, Harold Abrahams was clearly well off. For instance, Harold attended the University of...

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