Hold The Children Tighter Composition Essay

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Composition 101
Hold Your Children a Little Tighter
"Above all, children need our unconditional love, whether they succeed or make
mistakes; when life is easy and when life is tough."
? Barak Obama
This quote is great, not only is it about mainly being a parent, it's about loving your
children unconditionally and being there for them no matter what. And that's exactly what this
dad is doing in this ad. This ad involves a little girl and her dad and is based in Hong Kong. They
are walking down the street when the girl hands her dad an essay that she wrote about him. At
first, it's nice and happy and then it takes a sharp turn down Grab a Box of Tissues Lane.
The whole point of this ad is to make you feel all kind of emotions honestly, that's how it
pulls you in. It comes off happy at first, then it hits you right in the feels. The daughter talks
about her father and how he is, "so handsome, the best dad ever, the most handsome," little does
the father know that it's about to get rough. She reveals something in her letter that she knows
something about her father, but he does not know she knows. What is discovered is that she
knows her dad is lying. She knows he's been lying about countless things, such as, having a job,
having money, and not being hungry.
Tryon 2
The message in this ad would definitely have to be, hard work pays...

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