Holding Back A Child Is Not The Answer

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Holding Back A Child Is Not The Answer

How could holding back a student in a grade longer than average help them? Would not it just make them feel as if they were slower than others? Which could make them develop into something they're not.Academic Achievement of kids who are retained for advancing to the next grades poorer that, that of peers who are promoted. ( http://www.greatschools.org/special-education/health/659-repeating-a-grade.gs?page=all ) Deciding to hold back a student for not successfully completing their grade could result in many problems, such as : low self - esteem, hinderance in the child's development, and the child could become an issue.

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In addition to becoming an hinderance and being humiliated the child would become an issue.

The child could become an issue resulting in becoming a problem child. The child could become a bully, because they have been picked on. They could start bullying because others picked on them and bullied them. Or they could try to become a class clown to take the attention of being behind off of them. The would try to be a class clown thinking everyone would like them. They would try to act out in class trying to seem as if they're smarter. Or the child could get frustrated and begin to give up resulting in their grades starting to fall. The child could think it was just a waste of time and give up and start to disrespect the teacher. They would begin to no longer care about their grade so and take their anger out on everyone else. As well as becoming an issue the child would gain low self - esteem and would become an hinderance and feel humiliated.

There are also various reasons of why holding a child back could help the child. Holding the child back an extra year could mean extra success. They could gain an extra year of school. The extra year of school could go toward more practice for a future career they could want. Also, staying another year could mean expanding their ability to learn. By choosing to let he child retain and gain an extra year they could expand their learning ability making it easier to accept and follow instructions. A other good reason for letting the child retain is be have extra hard work could benefit in the future. Extra work could mean a better future because of the more knowledge the child received. As a result, there are many reasons to not hold the child back, but there are many reasons...

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