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Holding Government Responsible For Pollution In China

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In the process of industrialization, China has become one of the most polluted countries in the world. Statistics show that in the past five years, cases of asthma have been risen by 40%, because of air pollution issues in China. Government supported projects and multinational corporations are both contributing to the pollution in China. The Chinese government is aware of the environment issues, such as air pollution, water contamination and soil erosion, however, the authorities see the environmental degradation as part of a tradeoff for economic prosperity. As the situation becomes increasingly severe, public starts to pay attentions on to the environment issues. Especially after the the 2010 Beijing Olympics Games, Chinese environment issues have emerged into the world’s attentions. The public is frustrated about the Chinese government for not having efficient laws or ways to regulate these programs and corporations.
The most famous example is the Three Gorges Dam, which is suppose to be an environmental friendly program that uses kinetic energy of water in Yangtze River to generate electricity. Yangtze River, the mother river of China, has been severely contaminated in the past several decades. Yangtze River used to be one of the main water sources that sustains the life of thousands generations. Nowadays, the water is so severely polluted that is harmful to drink. Lots of MNCs and government projects that built along the river bring severe pollutions to the environment on site. Three Gorges Dam is one of them. Throughout the past ten years, Three Gorges Dam has produced 711.97 TWh of electricity in total; and it is able to provide 3% of the total energy needs in China annually, which help solve the electricity shortage. While Three Gorges Dam solves the energy problem in China, it causes severe environmental issues as well. Wastes and sediments from the upstream accumulated at the dam, contaminate the water of the Yangtze river, and cause the water quality to drop. The water pollution affects not only the upstream but also the downstream. Other issues such as landslides and deforestation are caused by the Three Gorges Dam as well. Millions of people have to move because the Three Gorges Dam destroys their homeland by rising water level to 160m. Yet, Chinese government still called it a clean energy resource. In the documentary “Up The Yangtze”, a peasant, who was forced to leave his home because of the rising water level, said that the program is beneficial to the country but not the individuals. Chinese government is aware of the consequence that the Three Gorges Dam could bring from the beginning, however, in order to supply the rapid development in China, the environment is not the priority at all.
The main reason that factories and corporations have become Chinese largest polluter is the lack of regulations and laws established by the government. Since Chinese government sees economic development as priority, they...

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