Holding Up Swimsuits Essay

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The beach is very enjoyable, but sometimes swimwear keeps us from enjoying the ocean. The wave movement ends up moving our swimwear around and sometimes the swimwear ends up out of place exposing more than what was intended. These incidents are embarrassing and uncomfortable. The swimsuit problem can be avoided by passing up the preferred suit for a less flattering suit, or staying out of the waves. These options merely avoid the problem instead of solving the problem. People in society should not have to avoid the waves because they are afraid of indecent exposure at the beach. Everybody should be able to have fun at the beach without constantly checking to make sure his or her suit is ...view middle of the document...

The suction cup has two main parts: the upper part is smooth, but the lower part is filled with grooves which contributes to lower pressure which allows the cups to suction underwater (Secrets, 5). Producing small suction cups like an octopus could attach to a bathing suit and be used to hold the bathing suit in place.
The gecko is another animal uses its unique paw to climb. The gecko paw has an adhesive power similar to the frog (Outside Jeb, 4). The gecko has “setae-like structures” (Outside Jeb, 4). The setae structure adds the frictional component to the adhesion the setae are tiny hair-like with tiny globe, flat plate, or pointy tip ends (Outside Jeb, 6). These friction-inducing structures work to help geckos climb (Outside Jeb, 4-7). The gecko has a very effective adaptation similar to that of the frog’s adaptation.
The frog is another animal that gives helpful adaptations pertaining to the problem. Frogs have unique disc-like toe pads that use mucous and friction among other things to make a strong adhesion allowing frogs to climb things (Gavin Hanna 1). Within the disc-like toe pads are hexagonal cells supplying friction and valleys in between the cells that secrete mucous (Gavin Hanna 1). Using the frog’s toe pad as a model, the tape, Frog Goo is used to hold up the suit by secreting waterproof adhesive in between the two sides of the tape one-side models the frog’s toe pads by using tiny raised hexagonal structures. Frog Goo is the ideal solution modeled from the frog.
A gecko inspired tape has been invented already, but Frog Goo created through this project is the better device in the case of the swimsuit. The gecko tape uses the micro hairs to attach itself to things more effectively almost like Velcro (Geckos 4,6). The micro hairs could cause skin irritation while Frog Goo is more lubricated and more skin friendly. The Frog Goo uses waterproof adhesive whereas the gecko tape is not guaranteed to work underwater. These are the many advantages to using the Frog Goo over the new Gecko Tape.
Frog Goo...

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