Fate In Holes By Louis Eochar

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Humans tend to believe that supreme super-natural forces explain what they don't understand or the impossible. An example is that a greater force or a more powerful being called a God or a Godess or the stars chooses people's life for them, we call this destiny. Other people seem to think that coincidences are supernatural also and Muslims believe that every human is born with a book that conotains all of thier future. These ideas all represent the meaning of life as seen by fate or destiny. In the novel "Holes| by Louis Eochar, the idea of fate is very important and the main character Stanley Yelnats experiences this in both a positve and a negative way.

Stanley's family has been cursed for generations ever since his Great Great Pig stealing Grandfather broke a promise to a gypsy. This legacy pulls Stanley through a negative chain of events. One of the most crucial moments in the story is when Stanley is hit in the head with a pair of stolen sneakers. This event of getting hit by the sneakers shows that the family curse is real, not only bad luck stories of his ancestors and this curse ruins Stanley's present situation. This negative event leads to a chain reaction of bad events: first Stanely is bullied at school, then because of this he misses his bus, so he must walk home, then he gets hit with the shoes, then he is excited so he runs home and the police notice him, then he is arrested, then he is convicted guilty, then he is sent to juvinile prision, then he has to endure bad guards, endure poisionous lizards and he has to work all day in the blazing hot sun. The family curse affected everyone in Stanley's family by giving them bad luck and negative life outcomes. Stanley's great grandfather Stanley Yelnats II gets all of his valuables stolen when his horse drawn carriage was attaacked by the outlaw Kate Barlow, this shows the affect of the curse. Also, Stanley's father is unsuccessfull as an inventer because of bad luck (curses) and not because he has bad ideas or is a bad worker. This shows the devistating affect of the curse. In conclusion, the Yelants family curse caused many horrible events and a string of very bad luck for Stanley and all other...

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