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Holiday Blues Essay

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It is another Friday afternoon and the second hand makes its painfully slow approach around the dial. Most American workers attempt using “The Force” to make the second hand’s endless journey a little faster for their weekend to come just that little bit quicker. Unfortunately, it is just another in a long line of two day weekends; American workers are at the bottom end of the time off scale when it comes to their industrialized nation counterparts. We have the least amount of public holidays, and most American workers, if they are lucky, only get a week or two of annual leave. Compare this to the authorized four to six weeks of annual leave our European neighbors take, and we fall hopelessly short. Unfortunately, in an article published in WebMemo by The Heritage Foundation, James Sherk believes that the opposite is true in “Upwards Leisure Mobility: Americans Work Less and Have More Leisure Time than Ever Before.” While Mr. Sherk likes to use statistics to reinforce his ideas, I will demonstrate that he is incorrect in his assumption.“Americans enjoy more leisure time than ever before” (Sherk 3). When it comes to public holidays, we are near the bottom of the list, so where is this leisure time coming from? Sherk claims that we work an average of eight hours a week less than in 1965 (Sherk 1). Where does this extra time off come from? I still work a forty hour week and the amount of public holidays have not increased. The average amount of public holidays for the European Union (EU) is 11.8, with Spain and Portugal leading the pack with fourteen public days off each. Workers in the United States only get by with ten federally mandated public holidays. These ten public holidays are only automatically given to government workers and the individual states or businesses don’t have to recognize them for days off. Basically, if you do not work for Uncle Sam, you might have to work on Thanksgiving, Christmas, or any other public holiday. Compared with the EU average, that is two long weekends less. While Europeans are spending time with their families or taking a trip on their long weekend, workers in the US are doing what we do best, work. Even the Japanese, who have a reputation of working long hours and going without vacations, have fifteen public holidays! Maybe I should move to Japan. It would be easier to do that than get another public holiday passed by congress. Our most recent public holiday, Martin Luther King’s Birthday, took almost fifteen years to pass into law and over thirty years for all fifty states to enact it as such. Way to go congress! I am not going to hold my breath for September 11th day being passed into law any time soon. Public holidays are not the only way American workers are cut short; vacation time is also lacking in our society. It is obvious that our increased leisure time does not come from the government, so maybe corporate America is more kind to us with time off.Most...

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