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Since high school, three of my friends- Emma, Saphire, Carla and I had wanted to go on a three month holiday to America. We spent most of our time planning it. But, there was one problem and yes it was money.Subsequent to saving every spare penny and working day and night in between school and the college, the day came when we all finally had enough money to go on our dream holiday. By the time this occurred, the year was 2011 and we were all 18 years old. We arranged the holiday and received our tickets in the post.The clock was ticking; our hearts were racing, days felt like hours and hours felt like minutes. Two weeks past but it felt like two days. There it was the night before our flight was due. We all couldn’t believe that the day we had been waiting for was tomorrow.The next morning we woke up early, but somehow we were already running late for our 7am flight. The traffic was horrendous and the fumes were choking. We finally arrived at the airport with just ten minutes to spare. After a 12 hour flight we departed at New York. As we descended onto American earth our mouths dropped, we couldn’t believe after all these years we had finally made it.Back then we didn’t know that this holiday would change our lives in such a way that it has done.We stayed in a five star hotel with a really salubrious bar and restaurant. The hotel was very classy with classic décor and furnishings. The bar at night was very lively.On our second day we all went shopping. There were so many different shops; we didn’t know where to start. Within four hours of shopping we had all spent at least $200 each.Emma my best friend had stayed in the hotel as she had a hangover from the nights before party in the bar. We felt sorry for Emma so Saphire, Carla and I went back to the hotel.After a 15 minute taxi ride we arrived at the hotel only to find Emma in the swimming pool with this guy. After getting changed we joined her and found out that his name was John and he was also on holiday with his mates. So, we arranged to meet up with John and his mates that night in a local bar.We arrived fashionably late at this sophisticated bar only to find out that the bar was a gay bar. To our horror there was John and his mates standing at the bar, calling us over. We didn’t want to stay but then again we didn’t want to come across as being rude. So we wandered over to them and it turned out that John and his mates didn’t know that the bar was a gay bar.Emma bought the first round of drinks while John introduced us to his mates: Luke and Justin and...

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