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Holiday Shopping Essay

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Holiday Shopping

As I skim through the Chadwick’s mail-order catalog, I come across a woman, who looks as if she is in her mid-thirties, standing outside on the snow-covered ground. Her gloved hand is arched back in a ready-to-throw position with a snowball resting in her palm. The woman is wearing a ¾ length gray wool coat and black leather gloves, which catches my eye. The serene, white-topped leaves of the pine trees lean in different directions, waiting for spring to arrive. “Winter is a breeze if you buy this coat” is the message I receive from this friendly-gestured woman. This warm, easy feeling especially comes into play during the holiday season when we buy gifts for our friends and family.

Shopping can be either a spiritual or an appalling experience. Shopping by mail or online seems suited to casual shoppers. It is a way to get what you need, without the long lines, angry customers and big crowds. This method is particularly more convenient during the holiday season when there is an excessive amount of chaos as people shop for their loved ones. To avoid all the hustle and bustle, you can order what you want online with the responsibility of considering the delivery times. With this in mind I decided to try ordering a gray mid-length, button-down peacoat that I saw in Chadwick’s mail-order catalog. Although I saw this coat in the catalog, I was interested in ordering the product online.

Chadwick’s Web site is very informational. It has specific categories which are very helpful to me as an online customer. All I have to do to place an order is click on Quick Order and there are two boxes: in one box you type the item number and in the box below that you enter the catalog item number. After that, you click on go and your order is placed and you go through the whole credit card process. Earlier, when I first pointed my browser to the Chadwick Web site, categories such as these appeared: What’s New, Find Your Size, Name Brands at Savings You’ll Love, Chadwick’s Essentials for the New Season and Receive E-mail Updates. If you enter What’s New, you find suggested holiday ideas, such as items that are “in” for the season, and under Find Your Size it gives measuring tips and has charts on sizes anywhere from bust sizes to waist sizes. Along with this there is a place you click on that says Browse Our Store, which is where you can browse the items that the store has. I browsed the store to check the latest winter clothes for the season and next to every item there is a description and the price. Some items even had the sizes!

Shopping by mail or online is a convenient and popular way of shopping, as seen by the estimated 12% to 39% increase of online shopping last year (Lowery 9). ...

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