Holiday Spirit Controlled By Government Essay

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According to the current data, depending on what one you read, the United States is often regarded as a capitalist economy, but it is actually a “mixed economy”. However, in everyday life, society feels the capitalism and its manipulating control of consumerism. Consumerism is a form of government control which leads society to enter an almost uncontrollable buying frenzy, especially during the festive holiday season. Holidays once spent with family to praise and give thanks, are now being taken over by the strong desire to “run to an awesome sale” in support of your government. Society has the power in numbers to stop the government from its control. Society must be strong, we need to return to old traditional family values before it is too late, and not allow government to steal family unity through selfish brainwashing.
Our government has a strong motive to manipulate its citizens. The government economically controls us by changing interest rates. When interest rates are lowered, merchandise becomes cheaper, thus we spend more money and stimulate the economic growth. Sounds great! Right? Actually no, there is a flip-side to this type of government control. When society spends money faster than the merchandise can be supplied, interest rates and prices increase, and society experiences inflation. Inflation is when things seem to cost more than your paycheck, or like when gas goes over $3.80 a gallon. There are realistic reasons for the government to have control of the economy, but society should not play into this during the holiday season.
Unfortunately, our thoughtful government lowers the interest rates before major holidays. Therefore, retailers have more money to buy merchandise, and society has more money to spend. The retailers put out mega sales to sell all the merchandise they purchased (at a nice profit), and even run extra fabulous sales the day of the major holiday. As a society drawn to get the best deal, the stores have us right where they want us, in their store spending too much money when our spirits are heightened. Society has the power to take some control back, and fight the government brainwashing by: not shopping during major holidays, buy only what is a necessity, and do not feel the lure/pressure to spend too much money (especially during a holiday). ...

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