Holistic Medicine And Spirituality Essay

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Health and well being, since time immemorial, has been the function of apothecaries and faith healers; people who looked at the entire body. Science has become the forefather of medicine. "It is easy to forget that, by its nature, science is reductionist and Aristotelian, exploring reality by slicing it in to understandable pieces." (Fulder 775) There are literally hundreds of different doctors and thousands of different medications on the market and our knowledge is almost endless, so why do people keep getting sick? All of our lives end with an inevitable death and that ending for some of us comes untimely and painfully worse yet. Nonetheless, we reach our demise prematurely by our own hands. We do not understand the importance of how we respond to changing aspects of our existence. In actuality, what is health? What is well being? Can a life with our indispensable medical know-how be the epitome of existence despite the ailments that exist and attack our fragile bodies, or is there more? The realm of holism and spirituality was looked at in the past to be the balance beam of life or death for an ailing body. Now, with the ever-increasing amounts of carcinogens, food preservatives and levels of stress due to our busy lives and un-satiated need for more, holism and spirituality have a place in modern day medicine.Medicine and doctors, generally speaking, are more focused on fixing what's broken oppose to preventative maintenance. We have the food pyramid, and are recommended to perform moderate intensity exercise for 30-60 min three times a week. We are also told what to eat how to eat and when to eat but isn't there more to us as living beings than meets the eye? It is functional to fix or at least put a Band-Aid on a medical problem, such as a broken bone or a cut, but that is conventional medicine not functional medicine. "In a functional medicine approach the absence of disease is NOT health!" (Lipski 20) Disease, the same as pain is pivotal in letting the body know that something is wrong, something is out of balance, there in lies the problem. Who knows that the body is out of tune?Only some one who knows every aspect of an individual's life can determine whether or not that individual is balanced. "Holistic medicine therefore focuses on stimulating a healing response as well as educating ourselves to make responsible efforts to achieve and maintain balance and well-being." (Greene 24) Only the individual completely knows the whole story, the implications and how they react to certain stimuli whether that stimulus is criticism at the work place or a new child crying at 2am.Today's New Age movement is deeply involved with healing. If the forces governing the universe are spiritual, and if we are spiritual beings, then what is disease? After all, the spiritual is infinitely more powerful, more real, than the material." (Brenneman 18)Preventing disease is important but knowing the causes of disease and knowing how to eliminate it is more...

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